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The Greek God Of The Internet
Published on Sunday, April 28, 2013 by

I can’t tell you how many times I thought his name meant something beyond my own comprehension. After all, he was named after a Greek god, wasn’t he?  Some great figure, comparable to Zeus or Poseidon.

The word just rolls off your tongue in an elegant fashion…. Say it with me…. No-Na-Med-U-Fus.  Royal music to my ears.

Poseidon picture

And then I got it.




Holy cow, am I an idiot.  For over a year, he was a Greek god.  Only to be exposed as the following Dufus:

child on clothesline

Today is this great man’s birthday.  And I am honored to link to his virtual birthday party. Because truly, this guy ain’t no Dufus.  He is No-Na-Med-U-Fus…. Greek god of the Web!


mom blog

  • Hahahaha! So, should we all be leaving him burnt offerings today?

  • Ha ha! Medufus! Ha ha!

  • Well. That’s a side of Dufus we’ve never seen before! 🙂
    This is hysterical Katherine!

  • You are a riot!!! I never knew about Medufus….Greek God of the Web. Good to know.

  • Oh my Greek God, you are hilarious, Katherine!

  • A side of me you’ve never seen before? Yeah, me in all my, un, ah, splendour. Right. Hilarious, Katherine. Many thanks for this special effort on my special day.

  • Ron

    I just read Babs post on my reader and then saw yours on the same topic. I had NO IDEA what it meant until I read your post.

    HILARIOUS! Love the photo and caption! You are sooooooooo clever, girl!!!!



  • BWAHAHAHAHA! How funny! Sho-ot-Men-ow!

  • Quirky Loon

    Whoa. A “side” of Dufus I’ve never seen before. *blushes*


  • Med-uf-fus? Snakes in his head! No wonder he comes up with those crazy puns. Then again, that ‘endowment’ might have something to do with it … snakes in his … oh, never mind.

    Fun post … nutbar.


  • Crap. Growing up. Not what I planned on doing when I came here. 😉

  • Mel

    And NOT commenting on how he’s hung.

  • Lea

    Nice one, I was actually googling halfway through to see why I’ve never heard of that God yet. Happy Birthday to him!! And what a great birthday post!

  • Most excellent birthday post to Dufus. Sorry I missed the party.

  • Holy, HILARIOUS Katherine!! And Happy Birthday, John!

  • MikeWJ

    Okay, that photo of the statue is obscene. It’s one thing that he’s naked. It’s another thing entirely that the photo emphasizes…well, you know.

    And yes, NoName is a god. Canadian, not Greek, although I suspect he likes a good gyros as much as the next guy.

  • Ah, I remember my birthday. My first birthday. Not my first anniversary of my birthday. My actual Birthday as in zero years old. Don’t believe me. Check it out

    I was born on Cinco De Mayo. Yes I was! You have been celebrating my birthday and you didn’t even know it.

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