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The GoGirl Meets the Uro Club?
Published on Saturday, March 19, 2011 by

My dear Meleah recently wrote, “As of late, I find myself thoroughly fascinated with strange, bizarre, peculiar, and outright weird products.”  Since then I have discovered the Uro Club, certainly a useful gift for any golfer on your list.  Meleah, with you being a golfer, do you think you would be able to use the Uro Club with a GoGirl?

I just can’t get enough of this video, particularly the men in the trees.  But I ask you… what do you do with the club once you have hit that hole in one?

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  • Oh My God! This is crazy funny to me. AhHAHAHAHhaHHAhahaHHA. I am dying laughing. DYING.

    • Meleah, see what you have started!?!

  • That must be for drinking your way through the golf course. Which is the only way I would play golf. 🙂

    • You know what? I actually got the opportunity to play with a few people from work who had never golfed either. Our boss (a golfer) took us. It was FUN!!! I had an absolute BLAST. I did some pretty awesome shots… but I also did some HORRIBLE ones… and missed MANY balls!

  • LMAO!
    Gail and I had a good laugh over this one!
    I also LOL’d at “…what do you do with the club once you have hit that hole in one?”

  • Ha ha, what’ll they think of next?

  • So the 2nd Uro Club is for those 36 hole courses?

    • Or for the 36th beer? Or for me, after having three kids, for day to day use! LOL!

  • OMG! Seriously? I’m so getting one for Jepeto for his birthday!!

    • Yea, I think I would have bought one for my Dad as a gag gift at some point… how can you not?

  • WTF? Did the voice over say that the Uro Club was invented by a bored certified physician? I think in several states, you can get arrested for checking out your club in a public place. My dad is an avid golfer. I’ve got to send this video to him. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Did your dad see the video, and if so, what did he say? I thought this was a “gag” video but actually they have a real website… if I golfed I would be looking at ANYONE who had a towel in front… then I would call them out… “I know what YOU are doing!” EWWWWW! Bored physician indeed… that guy needs a few more patients!

  • Lindamcornell

    Thanks for sharing. : )

    First, I thought Uro was a clever way to write “Euro”… meaning this product would have a cool international spin. When our main character walked to the fern, I assured myself that he was not peeing, but I was wrong.

    I think if men drank less beer the world would be a better, classier place.

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