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The Easter Bunny Rocks!
Published on Sunday, April 4, 2010 by

The Easter Bunny Came!  The Easter Bunny Came!  And look what he left me!

easter baskets

  • White chocolate bunny.  Do you eat the ears or the rears first?
  • About a billion caramel Ghirardelli squares.
  • Dark chocolate with chilis.
  • Robin eggs.
  • A Dove egg and a Dove chocolate bunny.
  • Several flavors of (hear the angels sing) Fannie Mae butter cream eggs.  Sighhhh…..
  • Hand repair kit.  I know, old lady hands, right!?

And all of these tremendous Easter goodies were swimming in a gorgeous red cast iron enamel dutch oven.  Angels singing with the children’s choir on backup!  Now, to learn how to cook in it.  The lid is only oven safe to 350 degrees while the actual container can stay in up to 500 degrees.  Do you have one, and what do you cook in it?

The highlight of our day was undeniably The Visit of the Easter Teletubbies.  It was about 10 a.m. on the beautiful Corolla beach when we spotted them.  Two blobs of color far in the distance, closing in fast.  Were they people in hazmat suits?  Teens dressed as Easter Bunnies?  Why no… it was…. THE TELETUBBIES SKIPPING DOWN THE BEACH!

There was no explanation.  No time to chat.  After all, they were the Teletubbies.  And they had places to go.

beach teletubbies

mom blog

  • ScoMan

    Teletubbies are some of the busiest people I know. They never stop to chat.

    I go ears first. It just makes sense.

  • Happy Celebrations deary!!!!! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT TO THE CORE…..


  • Easter Teletubbies? And here I thought they were pagans, the way they worshipped their baby sun God!

  • Jay

    I thought the Teletubbies were supposed to be friendly! Shame on them! LOL!

  • Wow, that is a super Easter basket. Pass some over there please. I like chocolate. Wow, those Teletubbies are moving really fast. Too bad. Have a great week.

  • That Teletubbies photo is classic – I love it!

  • OH if only we’d been able to see the “tubbies” on Easter…that silly bunny would be forever banned from out household and the Easter Tubbies would be expected to make return appearances. (:

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm caramel Ghirardelli squares!!!!!!!!

  • Teletubbies hopping down the beach? That is too funny! Looks like you got a pretty awesome Easter basket! I’ve got a Dutch Oven (red, too!. I absolutely love it! I use it for cooking chili, soup, braising meats in the oven. I’ve seen some recipes for bread too, cooked in a Dutch Oven, but I haven’t tried those yet. Hope you enjoy yours (and all that chocolate)!

  • @Nicky, that’s f*ing hilarious….

    Kudos to you on your delicious candy collection. Enjoy.
    P.S. If you bite the neck first it’s a more humane death…

  • Oh, ears first of course! Nice Easter haul you have there. Really…Teletubbies?

  • Jen

    You cleaned up for Easter! That is an impressive amount of loot. I can’t believe you saw the Teletubbies. You get to meet all the really cool celebrities. Sounds like an Easter that will be remembered for a long, long time.

  • I wish that the Easter Bunny will visit me someday also. Look what a treat you got. I’ll be jumping in glee with those. Haha.

  • Yum! Chocolate to last well into the week. And Easter memories until the next one. Your (love the red!) Dutch oven, however, will last decades. Odd that the lid will only take 350F. Sure?

    I recommend Stuffed Cabbage to christen it, or Coq au Vin. Also Soups of all kinds. Stews. Lentils. Zucchini Primo or Mac & Cheese for a crowd. Mulled cider. Endless possibilities.

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