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The Devil
Published on Monday, April 30, 2012 by

Today is the final day of the April photo challenge, with the insanely talented:

Ziva, Mike WJ, Nicky and Mike, Mo, Nonamedufus, Bryan, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A., 00dozo, Cheryl, Kristen, Pam, Meleah.

The subject?  I bet you can guess!

devil salt shaker

mom blog

  • You little devil. It’s 6:55am eastern time. You posted early. Well, you’re going out of this little exercise in style. I’ll give you that!

    • Ha ha! Well I did it last night after 11 after fishing in the sun all day…I was dog tired and my eyes were crossed. I bet I just scheduled the wrong time by accident. Sorry! The devil made me do it?

  • I feel so jealous right now of you and Mike (of We Work For Cheese) that you have these devil statuettes just laying around to use for these great photos. I seriously was stumped with today’s theme and just used a leftover photo from a previous theme. Very good photo, though, for you and nice touch with the flames behind him.

  • Very cool photo! Is that in front of a fireplace?!? Awesome.

    Of course, you win!! Just don’t tell Ziva that I told you so.

  • His tongue looks perfectly normal to me!  Great shot!  Love the fireplace behind the hot dude.

    • The hot dude…. HA HA HA!

      We were waiting for s’mores… I think he was excited for a flaming marshmallow!

  • absolutely perfect! Great job, Katherine! I’m a little sad the challenge is over! 

  • Oh my gosh.  I just realized that this is my last comment for the whole 30 days.  I’m bummed.  I don’t want to write the actual comment because I’ve had so much fun.  It feels a little like graduating high school.  You want to but you know things will never be the same again.  Could someone start playing Green Day’s Time of Your Life?  Wait.  On second thought don’t.  I hate that song.  Where was I?

    Katherine, great photo.  I like the smoldering coals in the background. 

    • YOU CRACK ME UP!  Remember “we don’t have to say goodbye!” LOLOL!

  • I love that this is a pepper shaker and you appear to own it! What a great photo. Sitting it in front of those coals was sheer brilliance. Burn baby, burn.

    • My neighbor invited us over for s’mores… which made me think, DEVILS! FLAMES! WOOT! 

  • Very cool, very devilish, and I’m ever so slightly afraid. You’ll put it away when I come for dinner, right?

    • They actually NEVER come out… they haven’t seen the light of day in YEARS… their eyes are just too, well, SHINY!

  • Hahaha!  I love the expression on that face – truly perfect for today!  Great job throughout and great photo for today.


  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    It seems very appropriate that your pepper shaker would be shaped like a devil and set in front of a fire. Does that mean the salt shaker is shaped like an angel and resting in front of an angel cake?

    Good photo, Katherine. It’s been great having you participate with us, too. It’s nice to have a new friend.  

    • Actually, the salt shaker is the same thing.  An angel would have been SO GREAT!  I found them in an antique shop AGES ago.  The eyes shine “just a bit too much!”

  • Cadeaux

    I don’t like that thing.  It scares me.

  • Haha, this is the coolest devil ever, and I absolutely LOVE that you took the photo in front of the fireplace. It’s been a pleasure to have you participate in our challenge, Katherine, I’m very glad you decided to join. 🙂

    • I wish I had a camera for this event… using a cell phone was tricky.  But I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!!!

  • That’s the happiest devil I’ve ever seen. Must be because his buns are toasting next to that fire. 🙂

    Nice job, Katherine. Congratulations!

    • Hot buns, WOO WOO!  I did the picture quickly because he is an antique.  Then when I went to grab him I realized THEN that he was FREAKING HOT!  I almost got a burned devil image on my hand!

  • Father! Why is happy(or Sad)?  Tell me please! 

  • Mel

    Well done!
    I bet you’re going to miss the daily assignment, huh?

    • Actually I am!  I loved having someone say, “Ok, do THIS now!”

      • Me too, Katherine. Me too. Call me undisciplined and I’ll come running.

  • MalisaHargrove

    Seriously? Who just has a devil sitting around their house? You do…that’s who! Congrats on a great photo! It has been fun getting to know you during these 30 days of hell! Until next time…

    •  Ha ha!  You know what… I got two of these years and years ago… salt and pepper shakers, from an antique store.  And they have remained hidden in a cabinet since.  I got them home and realized they CREEP ME OUT!

  • I don’t like devil whatever look like. It’s a sin!

  • mega millions

     oh! devil………..amazing it’s look like horror movie scene………..nice

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