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Shoot Me NowThe Devacurl Haircut: Before, After and Tears

The Devacurl Haircut: Before, After and Tears
Published on Sunday, March 15, 2015 by

Curly haired girls stop other curly haired girls on the street and ask, “What do you use in your hair?” It’s just what we do. All of us have at least $200 worth of hair products shoved under the sink, containing most of their original contents.

Hair stylists aren’t trained to cut curly hair, period. Layers, pinking shears, thinning…. It all may work for a week or two but once the hair grows out the shorter hairs become a shelf. This causes the George Washington Effect on hair like mine.

NO one knows how to cut curly hair. Except for a very select few.

Last week I was stunned to find there is a local salon that specializes in the “Devacurl Haircut.” Their stylists are trained by curly haired specialists on how to cut curly hair. I HAVE TO GO!!!! I HAVE TO GET A DEVACURL HAIRCUT!!!! Yea…. I just HAD to go.

The devacurl cut involves a fascinating hour and a half process. You go in with no hair product whatsoever. I called my walk from the car to the front door my Curly Hair Walk of Shame. It had been years since I had seen my hair with no product.

no curly hair product

I was immediately escorted to the back, so as to protect the other patrons I am sure. From there I met my stylist and we discussed my hair. What problems was I having? How did I want it styled? I told her SEVERAL times, “You can do whatever you want to my hair, as long as you leave it long.”

Remember those words. AS LONG AS YOU LEAVE IT LONG. We are going to come back to that.

Curly hair is cut dry with the Devacurl haircut. The curl is cut just above the “C.” It is THAT scientific. After all the ends were trimmed and trouble spots were managed, she had me lean back in the chair so my hair fell behind the chair. She then got on her knees below my hair and evened things out.

She said, “This sounds terrible, but cutting curly hair is really like trimming a hedge. You don’t just lop off a big branch, you trim delicately in just the right spots.” After having my head backwards she instructed me to lean forward and flip my hair over my knees. Again, more hedge trimming.

This is me after the devacut, before the shampoo, and with no hair product. I sent the picture to my friend who responded, “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!”

frizzy curly hair

Finally, I was ready for my “No Poo” Shampoo. Well THAT was a relief. Nobody wants poo at the hair dresser. (Actually the No Poo is a “non-shampoo” you scrub in to your scalp. Nothing bad in the stuff so it won’t damage your hair.)

After being pampered with scrubbing, massaging and conditioning she placed a towel on the floor , had me sit up and flip my hair over my head. From there she liberally applied leave-in conditioner and gel. Towels are not allowed with curly hair as they break up the curl. You can only use microfiber or a man’s soft undershirt.  He doesn’t have to be in it at the time.

Next were clips strategically placed in my hair on top to give lift. THAT performed magic. I bought the clips.

Here I am under the specialized heating dryer thing.  “Oh, is that orange water up there? May I have a glass?” “A magazine? Why I would love a magazine!”

dryer infuser

Once I was dry she crunched the curls to get rid of the hard casing from the gel. This removes the “wet” look and makes the curls softer.

The final results? I had a head of beautiful curls that were healthy, bouncy and perfectly placed. The Devacurl cut is AMAZING and to this day I would recommend it to anyone with any form of curls.

This is how the back looked when I left. She cut it too short, but I could live with it.

gorgeous devacurl cut

This is the official BEFORE LEAVING THE SALON “before and after Devacurl cut.”  Looks good on paper, don’t you think?

before and after devacurl cut

This is the front after she cut it. Too short. Oh my goodness too short. I started to panic, sending selfies to my friends.  Notice the worry in my face.

too short curly hair



curly hair cut too short

She cut my hair so short that when it dried it was ABOVE MY NECK!!!!! I started to cry. I was so excited about my cut and I loved how the curls looked BEFORE I LEFT THE SALON…. But the length. My beautiful long hair, GONE in an hour.  AND IT TURNED FRIZZY AND HORRIBLE… BEYOND BELIEF!

My daughter and mother tried to talk me down the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I don’t want to go to work. I’m gonna be “that kid” who got their hair cut too short over the weekend. I want to wear a baseball cap to work like we all did in school the day after a haircut.

This is the cut today after I did everything I could to lengthen it with product.  Apparently, with me not being a selfie kind of person, I am incapable of taking a serious selfie.

good curly haircut

If she hadn’t taken off the length, I would be so happy I would not be able to wipe the smile off my face. YES… the curls are perfect. YES… she fixed so much damage. But it is short beyond short and I just can’t get past that to look at the good.

The story of a curly haired girl’s life.

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  • FerdC


    Katherine, in all honesty, you are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! To me, the best parts are always the inside parts, things like your spirit, attitude, humor, intelligence, perseverance, etc, etc,etc. But this post is about a small outside part, your hair. Maybe you don’t see it, but you’re gorgeous! The hair is but a small part of all that. Whatever the length, it complements your eyes and smile. At least it works for this old guy! Ha!
    Your trademark curly red hair will grow back. I hope it grows back fast so you can stop crying already. Big crybaby!

  • Ron

    Katherine, I have to chime in with FerdC and say, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! And honestly, I LOVE your new cut because it accentuates your face and eyes. And this is coming from someone who was a professional hairstylist who specialized in curly hair. I’ve always told you, curly is my favorite!

    I’ve heard of Devacurl but didn’t know the specifics of what was involved. WOW…that is some technique!

    And remember, your hair will grow back. I think it’s healthy to have a really good short haircut every so often because it’s good for the hair.

    LOVED your photographs!

    Enjoy your new cut, my friend. It looks AWESOME!


  • Heather Ras

    I think you look fabulous!!!! SMURFY!

  • What Ron and Ferd said. I love it and it will grow back. It really will.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • I think it looks great, except maybe the one where it shrunk and frizzed. Maybe it is shorter than you like – I get that, but it will grow back before you know it. It will be great for the warm weather. Love the awesome Deva curls!

  • Kim kim-azevedo

    Wow! You look great! I know that feeling of length fixation but if you saw someone else with that before and after, you’d LOVE the after. The shape and length took 10 years off your face. I can see how beautiful your bone structure and skin are now!!

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