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The Death of a Neighbor
Published on Friday, March 6, 2009 by

graveyardOur neighbor Janie was one spunky lady.  She was mowing her own lawn at 80 years old, and fussing that “our woodpecker” was putting holes in her tree.  Of course, there was a telltale twinkle in her eye as she announced this. 

She never turned away my children when they came to visit her.  She would invite them in for tea and homemade cookies, and call hello when we all found ourselves outside. 

My eight year old daughter knew Mrs. H. was dying of cancer.  So she wasn’t surprised when I told her she had finally died.  Of course the tears came, as they did for all of us.  But within a few minutes, she had decided she needed to type up a letter to her. 

You can bet this letter will be delivered tonight at the wake.  I’m not sure who she will decide to give it to – but if it is an open casket, I am guessing it might end up right next to Mrs. H. 

My neighbor was terrified of rats.  Coincidentally, last week we purchased two pet rats for my daughter.  My daughter mentions them in the letter, and actually has pictures of the rats that will be placed in the envelope.  She just knows Mrs. H. will change her mind, once she sees how cute baby rats can be. 

Isn’t it amazing… the mind of a child.  The self-healing properties they naturally hold.  Here is her wonderful letter, verbatim: 

Dear  mrs ,h. ,I miss you so so much. I love you so much.I can spell my name in cursive . Iwas so shocked when I heard you died.Can you send me a leter in my sleap.p.s. did you know rat,s wer so cute?HaHA 

Your loving neighbor, Elizabeth 

Goodbye, Mrs. H.  You will be sorely missed.

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