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What’s On The Menu?
Published on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 by

black pelican restaurant

mom blog

  • That is just wrong on so many levels…

    • injaynesworld, It is BAD, isn’t it??! OK, I will admit – I took the picture at a restaurant in the Outer Banks called the Black Pelican. BUT… even knowing the name of this restaurant – I stopped short when I read the name. It is so so SO wrong!

      The actual story of these wings is even better. My son got the mile high wings. You can find out what happened to him here!

  • what the…. ?

    • Meleah Rebeccah, Yup! That’s what I said!

  • Yum.

    • ScoMan, I can whip you up a batch if you want – they fly near us all the time!

  • No, not chicken….fish. Because the wings still taste like the undigested fish inside the poor bird.


    • One of The Guys, You know, I ALMOST put “tastes like fish” on there – great minds think alike!

  • Jen

    That doesn’t sound very appealing. Oops!

  • Don’t need to say much more. Yuck. Poor Pelican. But I guess it isn’t any different than chicken wings. Oh well.

    • Oh Marg, they aren’t REALLY pelican wings, I would never joke about that – I would have PETA out on them! They are chicken wings… I looked at this as a “menu fail” – major poor taste! 😉 The restaurant is the Black Pelican, thus the name of the chicken wings. But naming their wings Pelican Wings??? EWWW!

  • Pelican wings? For real? EEEWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwww!

    • Sheila, not for real, promise! But actually, ever since I got conures, I can’t really eat wings anymore because the anatomy is far too much like my pets! 😉

  • omg. Gross!

    • Hi Momma – yup that would be GROSS! 🙂

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