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That’s What She Said!
Published on Monday, December 7, 2009 by

With two teenage boys in the house, I cannot begin to tell you how many, “that’s what she said” jokes I hear a week.  To be fair, every once in a while I’ll sneak one in myself when my 8 year old daughter isn’t in the room.  Sometimes the opening for one is just TOO good.

This weekend, however, it backfired on me.  In a big and funny way.  My 16 year old son did the set up without even realizing it.  Much to his delight later on.

This particular 16 year old has big hair.  He can’t help it – look at his mom!  He doesn’t really care how he looks, so at times his head will start looking bigger than Epcot Center.  This weekend I talked him into getting it cut short for wrestling, with the added bonus of a subway sandwich trip for good measure.

After the haircut he refused to walk into Subway, since his hair was still wet and he “looked stupid.”  I had no problem with this. After all, I had gotten my way by having ten pounds of unnecessary hair removed from his head!  He offered to write down both what he wanted and what my other son wanted.  Excellent!

As he was writing, he turned an eye to me and gave me a half smile.  I noticed it but forgot all about it by the time I walked into the shop.  That was the source of my downfall.

A 22 year old young man was working the register, and brightly asked what I would like to order.  I glanced at my list and he said, “Oh, a list!  Let me just take that and place your order from it.”  I was more than happy to hand the list over as I said, “I hope you can read his writing.”  He said, “Hmm, let me see,” as he began to read the order OUTLOUD for all to hear.

“ONE SPICY ITALIAN FOOT-LONG. THAT’S WHAT SHE WANTS…”  <silence>  <recognition of what just happened>  <his eyes immediately dart up to me>  <my face turns bright red as my hand flies to my mouth>  “OH MY GOSH DOES IT SAY THAT?!”  Then the previously unsuspecting Subway employee bursts into hysterical laughter, finally having to bend over in an almost futile attempt to breathe.

Of course as I sputtered my apologies and explanations about the handwritten note, I joined in until tears rolled down my face.  It took 15 minutes to finally order and receive two simple Subway sandwiches.  And all the while my son is totally in the dark as he sits in the mini van – having no idea his mother handed a “that’s what she said” joke to a complete stranger, who in turn READ IT OUTLOUD TO THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT.

Score one for David, zero for me.  I just LOVE my teenagers!

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