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The Dead Puffer Fish Did It….
Published on Monday, May 11, 2009 by

Friday night involved packing, feeding all the critters and loading up the car for a weekend in Corolla.  On a whim, I pulled into Blockbuster on the way so the kids could pick out a movie to watch on the way down. 

While searching through the children’s section with my youngest, I heard a loud bang followed by the sound of multiple thumps and clatters.  With a knowing eye, I slowly turned to find my middle son staring down at this:

 blockbuster shelves

With a face like this:

dr evil

That’s my boy.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.  I heard a male voice from beyond call out, “That’s OK, I’ll get it!”  And then, “He’s not the first to do that!”   By then my son had already mysteriously disappeared while I was walking toward the mess. 

I picked up the shelf bracket and spun it around a few times before the employee could get to me.  “I’ve got it, really,” he almost imploringly said.  I replied,  “I’m so sorry.  Now tell me again about how he wasn’t the first to do it?”  He answered in a profoundly angry (but joking) voice, “OK, I lied.  He is the FIRST to do this – EVER!”  Heads turned.  I smiled.  Gotta love it. 

Many adventures followed, including my oldest stepping on a buried one of these (notice the MAJOR SPIKES!):

dead puffer fish

And my daughter getting covered with THIS:


But we survived, and had the most amazing sunny beach weekend EVER!  Calamine lotion rocks!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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