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Thank You, God
Published on Thursday, November 25, 2010 by

Thank you God, for my father.  Catholic, husband, father, Navy pilot, Papa.  Tell him how much I miss him.

Capt. John M. Schulze, Jr.

Thank you God, for my mother.  Stronger than she will ever give herself credit for.  So generous, so adventurous, and such a devoted grandmother.  She is everything to me and my children.

red tail hawk

Thank you God, for keeping cancer from taking my brother.  And for helping him to forgive me about that whole Barbie Camper incident.

Michael Schulze

Thank you God, for my wonderful, creative and brilliant nieces.  I wish I could see them more.


Thank you God, for my boys.  They are so different from each other, yet share so much.  When I need them the most they simply appear.  How have they learned this kind of support at such a young age.

Corolla Surfing

man short haircut

Thank you God, for HER.  MY DAUGHTER.  The one I dreamed about all my life. 


Thank you God, for bringing Manny into our lives.   Help him to feel  his mother’s love even a little bit through me.


Thank you God, for letting me know when it was time to let her go.


Thank you God, for giving me a friend that can make me laugh more than anyone in this world.  Please help us to see eachother more.

busch gardens

Thank you God, for friends who have become the sisters I never had.  Unfailing love and support, forever.

Vegas Restaurants

Thank you God, for those stairs.  The ones generations have gone over, and will go over in the future.  This is when I am truly home.

Corolla Beach

And Thank You God, for reminding me you are in my heart on the occasions I sometimes forget.

First Communion

What are you thankful for?

mom blog

  • Have a great thanksgiving! Hold the ones you love dear and have a great holiday.


  • Thank you for dropping by my “If I were God” blog and leaving me a compliment. (slippery slope, my friend) I slay myself when I write, but never know if somebody else will laugh with me. I also worry how a truely religious person would react to it. My purpose is to amuse and maybe give a little food for thought. Loved your family pics BTW, my own daughter just turned 1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    -Cesar from NJ

    • AWWWW you have a one year old daughter… I MISS THAT AGE!! Of course I will also be out with my daughter (nine) and see a mom juggling a little one in one arm and a bag of diapers in the other and I will smile… been there done that three times and loved it, but sometimes having your kids a bit older is fun too. Our neighbor has a 1.5 year old and I get my baby fix over there.

      Your blog is great – not sure how I found it – but I'm glad I did! 🙂

  • What a beautiful post! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! xoxoxox

  • What a wonderful way to show gratitude. Excellent.

    Have a terrific Thanksgiving. 🙂

  • lauresal

    What a touching post and loving tribute to your friends and family.

    • I wanted to type so much more… sometimes you forget to count your blessings, and then when you DO take the time there is so much to be thankful for… I need to do it more often!

  • yuani

    yup, very agree, we must say thank for god every time..

  • Best ode to thanksgiving I’ve read.

    p.s. someone is missing. Where is Emma??

  • Great post… there is not Thanksgiving in my country but it made me think of writing something like this to my loved ones. Just because I am thankful))

  • Jeannie

    Sorry I am so behind in reading your blog. This is so beautiful. Yes, it is nice sometimes to write what we are thankful for, but the pictures to go along with the writings just made it more wonderful.

  • I always say thank you to God, every day always be greatful to anything we’ve got.

  • We do not return to God only when have problems. We have to say thank god everyday for everything we have.

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