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Teenage Sleeping Habits
Published on Friday, July 23, 2010 by

When they are young, they sleep all snuggled up in their cribs.  A sweet, innocent and beautiful sleep.

sleeping baby picture

When they are older they sleep in little boy beds among piles of beloved pets that keep them safe while they slumber.

teenagers sleeping

But be forewarned.  Because when they are almost fully grown you play “find the teen” every morning.  Today I found three.

habits of teens


children sleeping

My beautiful sweet babies snuggled in their beds.  Oh how I miss them.

mom blog

  • The trick is not to feed them (before or after midnight) so they don't multiply! I've often sent one off to bed just to discover 3 more have appeared!

    • Nicky, your comment was SO DARN GOOD that I just showed it to mom who laughed outloud just like I did. You are RIGHT! Two teens go to bed and I have more than that in the house…. you CRACK ME UP!

  • oh, no! I'm scared!! 🙂

    • Yes, BE SCARED! My boy teens have beds but they NEVER EVER use them. I won't tell you about teenage man stink… that would send you running!

  • Ron

    Oh, what a sweet post!

    For me, there is nothing more beautiful than watching a baby sleep.

    LOVE that second photo with the piles of beloved pets. It's so precious!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

    • I have so much video of my first sleeping baby. The funny thing is I have less of the second and even less of the third. You just don't have time! I love watching a baby sleep and seeing him or her smile while sleeping. THAT is amazing. Now they just sleep, drool and pass gas.

  • It's like they stop fitting in beds when they're teens, or beds aren't good enough. I can't get my daughter to sleep in a bed for anything. She has a cushion on the floor she likes much more than her big, comfy expensive fancy bed. Kids!

  • What beautiful images of your boys! They do sleep on couches and on floors when they are teens. Girls, not as much. Funny huh?

  • Awwwww……. I like the fuzzy white stuffed toy dog by the last one… awwww.


  • I think I am happy that I have girls. Of course, mine are younger so I don't know what will happen when they get a little older but I don't think girls multiply while you sleep the way boys do.

    • I am actually more afraid of my daughter and her impending teenage years…. boys are simple really… kind of like men. (No offense guys)….but women? Teens? Oh boy!

  • It seems to me that Boys can sleep ANYWHERE!

    • I know!!! I can't sleep on the floor now that I'm all old and stuff – there would be NO WAY. But I walk through the house and find them EVERYWHERE…. on the floor, on chairs, couches and benches. How do they DO that!

  • Yes, I've heard teenage boys are like rabbits, but I didn't realize what it meant until now. I thought it was because they crinkled their noses and ate carrots.

  • I bet if you fed them less, they wouldn't grow so fast.

    • I NEVER THOUGHT about feeding them less! Sometimes I try to squish their heads down at night… but the food thing would probably work better!

  • lisanoel03

    a glimpse of my future I suppose!!! mine are still sleeping with piles of treasures (I don't know know how they can do that)

    • When kids sleep with plastic toys… ouch! But they love them! Mine used to sleep with the Buzz and Woody toys… all plastic and sharp!

      • lisanoel03

        mine sleep with Buzz and Woody too!!! we bought the youngest some plush buzz and woody which he loves but he still wants the hard pointy ones TOO!!

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