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Dear Daughter…
Published on Friday, February 15, 2013 by Day 15 of the WWFC blog writing challenge asks us to write about “OR ELSE.”  OR ELSE! My daughter doesn’t read my blog.  NONE of my children read my blog.  This is probably a good thing, or else I would be in big trouble. However, I do hope that when my daughter nears 21, she will get a little curious and start to browse my old posts.  (“Gee, Mom ha...
Bats In The Belfry And Pads On The Purse
Published on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 by I didn’t notice it until last week.  And considering it has been a few months since I last hiked, it’s probably been stuck to the bottom of my purse for quite a while. Work.  School.  Church.  Restaurants.  Stores.  I’ve carried it everywhere.  And no one said a THING.  In looking at a picture of it, I can only guess why. Sanitary napkin?  Actually,...
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