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Surgery Isn’t The Only Thing
Published on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 by Tuesday I go under the knife. After a lifetime of sinus infections, antibiotics have finally stopped working.  And that is scary.  So Tuesday I go in for three types of sinus surgery, none of which I can spell or pronounce.  Bottom line, all of my sinuses will be opened up and bone will be repaired that is in the way. In the last few months I have heard nothing b...
Big Stick
Published on Monday, March 20, 2017 by Where have I been during the last month? Let's see. The doctor's office, the pharmacy, the doctor's office, the pharmacy, the ENT, the doctor's office, the emergency room, the advanced imaging center and tomorrow, the ENT. I believe all of this could have been avoided had I just called Roto-Rooter. For most of my adult life I have suffered from sinus infections. T...
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