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Look Up!
Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by This month's photo challenge theme is, "Look Up."  This is my favorite theme so far - it helped  me to remember to always look up!  That is the downside to being addicted to finding seaglass.  Your eyes are always gazing towards the ground!  From a hospital bed to looking up at a Frisbee on the beach! 2.  Daughter and cattle dog... UP! 3.  So...
Published on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 by This month's photo challenge topic was "love."  Other than my children and family, there  is nothing I love more than my pets! 1. This is Dusty.  She was a feral cat in Corolla that we took in.  She is now the laziest, happiest house cat there ever was.  But she is also the sheddiest. In this photo I caught her in mid-shake, tongue out, fur flying. 2.  This ...
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