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Booger Check!
Published on Friday, February 22, 2013 by Day 22 of the blog writing challenge brings us “compulsively.” Compulsively Check my text messages. Did I lock the door? Do I have a booger? Wear only velor. Time to wash hands. Don’t step on a crack! Can I miss ONE post?!?? Nicky, CUT ME SOME SLACK! (and Mike, but the damn thing wouldn't fit) Compulsiveness.  What do I do compulsively?  Not m...
Is Hitchhiking Illegal?
Published on Thursday, March 8, 2012 by   It was initially supposed to be a four-dollar fix.  Or it would have been for anyone else in this world.  But this is me.  Remember… Shoot Me Now? This is how it went down: “Katherine, your left headlight is broken.” I go to the auto supply store during lunch.  I tell the gentleman my make and model. He provides me with a new headlight....
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