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It Could Have Been Worse
Published on Saturday, June 30, 2012 by This is it folks.  WE DID IT!  We made it to the last day of the 30-day writing challenge.  The final subject?  "It Could Have Been Worse."  Honestly, I am the type of person to always look at the bright side.  When bad things happen, I really do tend to think, "It could have been worse." Monday I was hit by a car.  My life has changed dramatically from...
I Make Someone Happy!
Published on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 by Kerry likes me, she REALLY LIKES ME!  She recently gave me “The Happiness Award” and ummm FORGOT TO TELL ME ABOUT IT.  So Kerry, you are now in my official “I forget EVERYTHING” club.   I am the founding member.  To be honest, I am the ONLY member.  Is it our gastroparesis, or simply our age?  Don’t answer that. Kerry received this award herself an...
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