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Published on Sunday, February 10, 2013 by Day 11 of the WWFC blog writing challenge brings us the subject, “Road Trip.” Road Trip.  My two favorite weekend words.  Because Road Trip means Beach House.  And if it doesn’t, it means “Outdoor Adventure.” I cannot sit in my house for two days.  By 1:00 on Saturday, I am wandering the rooms of my house like a caged animal. And so begins... a ro...
What Animal Parts Are In YOUR Refrigerator?
Published on Friday, January 13, 2012 by You may remember the last time I talked about my refrigerator.   How many of you have ever found blood in your fridge?  Blood that is pooling beneath a mystery bag of meat? This week my refrigerator runneth over.  Behold exhibit A. I can’t tell you who put these skulls in my refrigerator or why.  But I can tell you where they ended up.  Outside for a photo...
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