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Swimming With The Fishes
Published on Sunday, June 12, 2011 by

When we reach the top of the beach stairs we can always judge the quality of the water by the people on the beach.  Arms up means icy temperatures.  Waves filled with riders means warm and wonderful.  No one swimming means jellyfish, 50-degree water or blue crab larvae.

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This Saturday revealed a few people in the shore break but no one further out.  “It must be cold,” was our first thought.  Surprisingly, it was actually cool and comfortable.  Furthermore, it was so crystal clear that you could see to the bottom.  What did we do?  Jump in!

It was glorious!  Cold but not freezing, gentle rolling waves and almost a Caribbean like sparkle.  “Why isn’t anyone else in the water?”  “I don’t know… it’s perfect!”  “Well, it is a little chilly – maybe they think it’s too cold.”  “Hmmm… it’s not that bad.  When no one is in the water, there is a reason.  I guess we will soon find out!”  (I said, glancing around to look for killer whales, sharks or electric eels.)

And then I found out why.

Three large shadows caught my eye as they came directly towards me.  Do you know how hard it is to back off in five feet of ocean water?  Stunned, I watch three GIANT cownose rays fly towards me, make a sharp turn and swim away.

I get it now.

Looking in the distance, I saw more dark areas throughout the waves.  I-think-we-will-get-out.  NOW.

When I turned towards the boys I saw one looking at the other with big eyes.  Then both turned to look behind them.  They began to walk towards the shore.  Another look back.  And then I discovered they could walk on water.

I wish I had heard the dialogue they shared with me later.  “Ummmm, don’t freak out or anything, but there are two huge rays coming directly towards us!.”

Throughout the day we stayed thigh deep with our eyes peeled for oncoming rays.  These aren’t the little guys you see caught on the occasional hook.  These are large ocean creatures that reached about four feet across from wing tip to wing tip.  They are NOT something you want to be swimming with.

In the 30 years we have been in the Outer Banks waters, we have never seen anything quite like this.  Mother Nature is an astounding lady, who always has another trick up her sleeve. This time, she left us swimming with the rays, quite literally.

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