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Published on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 by

Yes, we are waiting on results for a few recent heart tests. Yes, he has a zipper scar down his chest. But this summer my son was finally able to do something I thought he may never do again.

surfing corolla

Standing on the beach taking pictures, it unexpectedly hit me. Hard. And I started to openly weep. Not cry. Not choke up. But weep.

There was a family of tourists next to me casting questioning glances my way. I must have looked a sight. Sunny day, beach, a vacation spot for many. And there I was, a crazy lady in a bathing suit holding a camera and crying.

I turned to the parents, smiled through some tears and said, “Let me tell you an amazing story….”

zipper scar

mom blog

  • And an amazing story it is. You have every right to weep. I would too.

    Have a terrific day. ♥♥♥

    • I am so so so lucky…. I will never forget his first surfing after surgery!!!

  • Ron

    OH. MY. GOD…..this post made ME weep. Knowing what you and your son went through last year, I can literally FEEL your emotions; therefore, feel just as emotional as you do having witnessed him getting back up on a surfboard again.

    Yes…I too believe in MIRACLES. And this definitely is one of them.

    LOVE your photographs, especially the last one of your son holding his surfboard. There is something so incredibly powerful and positive about the way he is looking outward, almost as if he’s seeing a bright future!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, my friend! This post deeply touched me.

    ((((( YOU )))))

    • Ron, I was sitting down when I took that last photo… he had just come out of the water after having surfed for over an hour. He was SO HAPPY… just… HAPPY. I will always treasure that picture!

  • Lovely post with lovely pictures of your son. I totally understand the weeping and am sure that anyone and everyone would understand if they knew your story. I am so happy for you and your son to have come through this past year with your strength and optimism in tact. As the song says “Hope your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades.”

    • That completely choked me up… the song is PERFECT. I’ll have to play that in the car tomorrow!
      My boy turns 23 Saturday. What a miracle!

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