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Sometimes You Can Try Too Hard
Published on Sunday, June 13, 2010 by

surfboard repair

Today I discovered that sometimes you can try too hard.  But let me rewind and start from the beginning.  From the moment I was cleaning and accidentally touched the tiniest edge of my son’s surfboard.  The moment when everything turned to slow motion as the surfboard began a downward slide directly towards a wooden table.  I heard myself call out, “Noooooooooo” as the inevitable crunch resounded throughout the room.

And there it was.  My son’s surfboard leaning across a table with a crunch that had my name on it.  We won’t mention he never should have had it in the kitchen standing upright on about six inches of fiberglass, because that would make too much sense.

Saturday after our first beach run I fed everyone lunch and prepared to hit the surf shop for a weekend repair.  I carefully picked up the surfboard and successfully maneuvered it through the house without a hitch.  Slowly down the stairs, under the house and finally into the car.  Phew!

There was a parking spot right in front, and with great luck the shop door was open.  I carefully pulled the board out of the van and walked in.   Two employees chimed in, “May I help you?”

With a huge grin I turn to my right, which causes the back of the board to slam in to a rack of expensive sunglasses.  All at once four people in the shop went, “WhooAAAhhhh!”

I meant to do that.

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