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Sun, Sea Glass and Snow
Published on Sunday, March 9, 2014 by

In all the years I have lived in the Hampton Roads area, I have never experienced anything like it.  Last Sunday we were sea glass hunting on our secret beach.  We had made it through a huge snow storm just a few weeks before.  On this day, Mother Nature had melted the snow and given us a 73 degree afternoon.

SEVENTY THREE DEGREES.  I was in snow boots just weeks before.  Now I was in a t-shirt on a sunny, beautiful beach!

Elizabeth River Mussels

collecting sea glass

walking fumble

Two wonderful finds.  A sea glass heart, a cobalt blue electrical piece and a purple sea glass bottle stopper.

glass stopper sea glass

The next day, this is what my street looked like.  THE VERY NEXT DAY. We went from snow boots to a t-shirt IN SEVENTY-THREE DEGREES to snow boots only hours later.  We rarely get snow.  RARELY.  And then this!

icy roads

Today, the following Sunday, we were back out on sea glass beach.  It wasn’t quite 73 degrees, but there was sun and yet another t-shirt.  This Mother Nature  of ours?  She has quite the sense of humor.


My two most unusual finds.  The first is some type of long glass piece.  The second is something like I have never seen before.  I believe it is a tiny antique doll house bottle that actually turned in to sea glass.  I had been crawling on the sand sifting through for treasure and there it was.

What are the odds?  Such an unusual piece on such a large stretch of sand… me on my hands and knees… and so tiny.   Did a little girl 60 years ago play with this bottle in her doll house?  Who was she? Where did she live?  Could she have ever imagined I would find it so long after?  If only treasures could talk!

antique doll house bottle

mom blog

  • Ron

    “The next day, this is what my street looked like. THE VERY NEXT DAY. We went from snow boots to a t-shirt IN SEVENTY-THREE DEGREES to snow boots only hours later. ”

    I know Katherine, hasn’t the weather been insane? Same here. One day it’s warm and spring-like, the next it’s freezing cold. The past few days have been stunning, yet mid-week we’re supposed to be getting snow flurries.

    Great photos!

    ” Did a little girl 60 years ago play with this bottle in her doll house? Who was she? Where did she live? Could she have ever imagined I would find it so long after? If only treasures could talk!”

    You and I are so much alike because I would thinking the same thing!

    Have a super week, girl!

    • Thanks Ron! Oh, and today was almost 70… tomorrow is supposed to be 70 or more… but now on the news they said after that a cold front hits… guess that is the one you guys will see. I want SPRING!!!!

  • I’m still blown away by that tiny piece of bottle and wonder the same things as you. The long, slender piece of glass looks like a drink stirrer to me. Long before plastic arrived on the scene, mixed drinks were stirred with slender glass sticks. My mom gave me an antique child’s tea set that has delicate little glass sticks for stirring the tea. You might want to do some Google play to find out if this might be what you found.

    Mother Nature can go screw herself.

    • HA HA HA I was ready to comment on the glass and then read the screw herself and got all thrown off laughing!

      I looked at the glass a little more closely and realized there was wire inside both of the sides!! So it was something that had to do with electronics. There are old transformer pieces on that beach, but this is so delicate. It was some kind of piece that had electricity through it… I wonder if it is part of a light? I don’t know… it is so breakable!

      I looked up “doll house bottles” and found some kind of like it from the 50’s.. but I haven’t found THE bottle. The ones I saw are round like bottles, whereas this one is flat. I can’t imagine what it was from!!!

  • I can’t believe the weather this year. We have had a reasonably warm winter. No snow or even much in the way of frost. Down South (usually warmer and dryer) have had horrendous flooding, with awful storms. I have no idea what’s happening with this slip stream, but it’s really messing with us all.

    What lovely glass items you’ve found. I promise, when we go to the beach, I will look for some British sea glass for you, if there is any.

    • Babs, just last week I was saying, “I wish I knew someone overseas who would look for sea glass for me!” ha ha!!! I bet you have some amazing glass there. When I went to a Sea Glass festival last year, there were people who had incredible finds. They said, “I have a friend who sent me this from Europe.” I wonder if people where you live collect it or look at it as “stuff” on the beach?

      Funny what you said about the weather. We so rarely get snow.. and here we are having had three big snows. UNHEARD OF here. It is as if things have turned – people who get a lot haven’t, and visa versa. Of course there are people higher up in the states here who are getting MASSIVE snow this year who normally get a lot, but not nearly this much.

      It has been fun playing in the snow though – the kids have loved it!

      • Please don’t expect too much with the glass. The beach we have up here looks totally void of anything other than sand, that stretches for miles before you hit the sea. We didn’t walk out as it was so far and the tide comes in at the speed of light there! I do promise I will try though 🙂

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