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Summer Isn’t Over!
Published on Sunday, September 9, 2012 by

So the thermometer is showing 78 degrees.  So the hurricanes kept us from the ocean’s waves.  So the birds are packing their bags and making their southward plans….

Summer isn’t over yet.  It’s not it’s not it’s NOT!

The proof is in this weekend’s pictures!

dove picture

mandolin playing

corolla dunes

striped water snake

whalehead club crabbing

say cheese


mom blog

  • Ron

    First of all I have to say…..these are AWESOME photos, Katherine!

    Way to go, girl! They’re truly BEAUTIFUL! Especially that first one of the pigeon! And I also love the one of your daughter strumming the guitar! And the snake too! WOW!

    “So the thermometer is showing 78 degrees.”

    Same here. We had a STUNNING weekend. It wasn’t hot at all, just perfect!

    I’ve truly enjoyed this summer so much, but I’m also looking forward to fall now.

    Have a SUPA’ week, my friend!


  • Anne

    I was happy until the snake photo. Of course, the last photo made me smile again.

  • fabulous photos, Katherine!!

  • As I was scrolling down the page, I saw the SAY CHEESE in the last photo and thought there might actually be a picture of cheese… 🙂
    Great photos, Katherine! Love the grassy hill and blue, blue sky.

  • Mel

    Wow…..what a great montage of summer!

    So….. I could use a vacation….and I *AM* available…….
    I pick up after myself!
    And I’m easily amused…….
    JUST sayin’……..

  • Sweet summer memories and NO IT’S NOT OVER! Still a couple of couple of days left until the equinox. That last shot cracked me up.

  • You’ve got a way with pictures. I would love to be at the beach.

    Beach. Must go to beach! Must squish toes in sand and feel the ocean breeze. But, alas, all I’ve got are grass and weeds. Toes not happy.

  • Haha, great photos! Over here the thermometer is showing 55 degrees, the leaves are turning red and yellow and the rain is here to stay. Summer is most definitely over.

  • Heather R

    HAHAHAHAHA SAY CHEESE!!!! THe pic of the dove is so beautfiul!

  • Dacritics

    Cheese! Summer fun at

  • Summer is certainly not over! All great pics, but I especially love the sand dune with the green against the blue sky and ocean.

  • Fun pics, Katherine! It’s definitely not over here. We’re still in the damn 90s. Ick.

  • MikeWJ

    I know summer’s not over, but I’m really glad it’s was too hot this year.

    What’s whale head crabbing? Can I do it? Can you eat them?

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