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Storm Hits, Quest Prevails!
Published on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 by

We live on the East Coast, which saw a significant storm surge from the recent hurricane this Saturday.  While at the grocery checkout on the worst day, the skies opened up and the rain came down. It was so heavy that a row of shoppers lined up under the roof outside, hesitant to race into the water and lightening filled parking lot.

There was a mom with her daughter shopping at the same time we were. To my surprise she pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride to my car. Oh YEA!

This was officially the first time I’ve ever gotten in to a stranger’s car. Fifty years ago this would not have been questioned what-so-ever, would it? But I had talked to her a few times in the store as she passed by. OK, to be honest, I was ALWAYS in the way of her cart and I kept apologizing.

Moving along….A race to the car, a spot in front of the store, kids fly in soaking wet, I literally THROW the groceries in the car while the rain slams into me, my son screaming, “Save the chicken! Save the chicken!” while I’m laughing hysterically at this crazy spectacle. Finally, in the car – an absolute drowned rat.

At this moment I was still laughing but ready to go home. Little did I know what was in store for me and my munchkin passengers.

One drive-thru icecream cone X2 and Moolatte later, we turned onto the street headed for home.  About a minute later I find myself facing a flood.  Two cars were already door-deep and stalled in the middle of the street.  Whoah Nilly – time to turn around!

Stopped there.  Another turn, an attempt through another neighborhood and down the connecting street.  As I come to an intersection I’ve never known to flood, a wave of water pours directly in front of my car.  My car hits it and starts to plow through.  I have no where else to go but straight.  The engine starts to sound lower and move slower… RRRRRrrrrrrrrrr.  My son yells, “GO GO GO!!” so I push a little harder, pray a little harder and literally just make it through without stalling.

A right turn with a beating heart follows, again to find myself at a standstill in front of another impassible intersection.  Pounding rain, lightening and thunder with a realization – I can’t get home! 

I pulled up onto high ground and waited.  And waited.  And of course I called my Mom.

Then I had a plan.  If I could get back down one particular street and then up on the interstate I just might make it.  Slowly slowly slowy I make my way home.  A sense of relief floods over me as I reach the last road on my sopping wet trip.  And that is when I stop again.  A road that is never, ever EVER flooded is completely and absolutely and irrevocably covered in two feet of water. DANG. 

I watch a few cars go through – but my poor Nissan minivan has already gotten soaked.  Could I make it?  And then comes my knight in shining armor.  Mr. Truck Man, “If you follow me, I will part the water for you!”  Gosh, just like the Bible only much less holy.  Let’s go!  Pray, drive, splish, splash, pray…. WE DID IT!!! 

Down our street – flooded but passable.  I’ve never been so happy to pull up into my driveway.  I also can’t remember a more exciting grocery trip.  Or a wetter one.


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