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Shoot Me NowPhoto Challenge Day 25: Video

Photo Challenge Day 25: Video
Published on Thursday, October 25, 2012 by

Do you ever have the feeling you are being watched?

video stoplight

For those of you waiting to hear more about Fake Barbie, I am sad to say I REFUSE to give her any attention today.  Because last night I found her at my laptop, about to click on a video that GOOD Fake Barbies do NOT watch.  Shame on you Fake Barbie.  SHAME.

I think Fake Barbie simply needs to feel she is in someone’s heart.  If only I had a Fake Ken.  IF ONLY.  And a photo prompt for the word “Heart.”  Oh wait…..!

*Disclaimer.  I had no idea there was a dog paw in the Barbie picture until just now.  When I saw it I laughed out loud.  My new dog photo-bombed my Fake Barbie shot!

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  • Shame on you, Fake Barbie! No Ken doll for you! (I’m surprised Fake Barbie has not yet lost a limb to your dog. My olden golden once found a headless Barbie and carried it with pride, gripped between his teeth.)

  • Barb Paige

    Kinky… Fake Barbie & a dog…..

  • Pat Kumicich

    Is Barbie kinky or quirky?

  • Ron

    ” Because last night I found her at my laptop, about to click on a video that GOOD Fake Barbies do NOT watch. Shame on you Fake Barbie. SHAME.”

    Bwahahahahhahahhaha! Katherine, you CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great photo capture for VIDEO!

  • Fake Barbie really gets around. Reminds me of a girl knew in high school.

  • I am so glad Fake Barbie didn’t actually click that video, she would’ve traumatized your dog.

  • BAhahAHhaHAhHAhHAHhHAHHAHhHAHhaha! Fake Barbie needs a man! AhHHAhahAHhahHAHha

  • Coco

    The security cameras in round bowl shaped glasses are scary as you can’t know what/where they are watching! I don’t like the camera like in your photo but it’s better.

  • Maybe fake Barbie is getting a complex because she feels like she is always being watched…

  • Ah hahahahahahahaha! This is excellent.

  • ladyV

    i think fake barbie needs her own blog. i’m loving her episodes.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I know she’s bad — shamefully bad — but I can’t resist her. I mean, look at those boots and the cavalier, *extremely* flexible way in which she’s propped her long, smooth legs on the keyboard. Or how the strap of her clingy party dress is slipping off her delicate bare shoulder. And then there are those big, brownish eyes, fixated on a link to a video that I’ve never seen and have been told that I never should see, but now you’re tempting me and I don’t know what to do. I admit I’m weak, but in my defense, I blame fake Barbie for my failings.

    • Oh Mike, do NOT follow Barbie in to the darkness. DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO. I have to teen boys. Long story short… after hearing about it, I snuck off in a corner to watch. And didn’t even make it halfway through. Maybe someone can tell me the ending. No wait, I do NOT want to know the ending!

      So you and I have to start a website together. You are just TOO GOOD A WRITER to not do this. The URL is actually available. HA HA HA! I actually thought of buying it, but then I imagined the sound of the Barbie owner lawyers knocking on my door!

      • mikewjattoomanymornings

        After reading about the video, I’ve decided not to watch it unless I’m already blind. *shudder*

        Now, about this website. I love the idea. Sure, we’ll get sued into poverty, but it’ll be fun and we’ll probably get famous once we get hauled into court, and then we’ll be rich. We’ll be scandalous. 🙂

  • MalisaHargrove

    Looks like Fake Barbie has gone to the dogs.

  • Danielle Batog

    Uh oh…..anxiously waiting for tomorrow’s post….I see a fake ken in the future.

  • I’ve seen this with so many of these poor girls. Crying for attention, heading down a self-destructive path to perdition. Tattoos, and getting nailed to trees. It’s all so sad and yet strangely entertaining.

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