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Stale Peeps!
Published on Sunday, November 18, 2007 by

Have you ever enjoyed a candy that was better slightly stale?  That is just how my best friend enjoyed her Peeps.  You know, those insanely sweet yellow marshmallow chicks you get at Easter?  Each year she would slash the top of the package and place her Peeps in a place that would guarantee lots of air exposure to those sugary crunchy marshmallow treats.

Friendly AntWhile vacuuming one day, she reached up to grab a “peep” and popped it in her mouth.  As she began to chew, she felt a strange sensation she did not quite recognize.  Yes, something was moving in her mouth.  LOTS of somethings!

She raced to the bathroom and spat out a mouthful of crusty peep, absolutely covered in ants!  Still alive, the ants wildly ran around the sink as she struggled to spit every last one out.  Her tears were of disgust and mortification, while her husband’s were of sheer hysterical laughter!

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