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The Preliminary Results Are In!
Published on Thursday, June 17, 2010 by

Back in April my daughter and I bought seeds and plants with no rhyme or reason.  We planted Willy Nilly and stepped back to see what would happen.

Here are the preliminary results…




My April picture has been a great help to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood by my garden pondering, “What the heck IS that thing!”  Looking at the before picture I now know that the mystery plant on the right is going to give us long Asian beans.  I have lettuce growing underneath the squash.  I can’t eat the lettuce but my rabbit and guinea pigs love the freshly grown greens.

garden squash

I use my cilantro in ground turkey along with lime juice, jalepenos, garlic and olive oil.  The rosemary is put on grilled food and sprinkled on spaghetti.  No really, try it!

We’ve already enjoyed three tomatoes.   Well, my daughter and I enjoyed two while Mr. Squirrel enjoyed one of his very own.  And the peas?  Oh the fresh, warmed by the sun peas!  They never make it to the pot.

garden peas

So as of now, my garden is indeed a mirror of my life.  The best of intentions, some chaos, a little hope, warm sun, love, luck and something beautiful grows!

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  • GREAT garden!!!! Your peas look delicious!
    I picked my first two cherry tomatoes yesterday. YUM.
    Enjoy yours,

    • I forgot all about cherry tomatoes! DARN! My daughter eats those like candy. What else are you growing?

  • I love that garden! We only planted patio tomatoes this year because last year when we planted them in the ground the slugs ate them, and everything else we planted. I hate slugs.

  • I am so impressed by your garden! I wish I could grow things. I have a patio garden but haven't gotten anything but a couple of small strawberries so far.

  • We have rosemary, mint, and two lemon trees and a plum tree that has about 100 plums in it. I had to use hanging baskets for cilantro and parsley and such because if the dogs can reach it, you know where I'm going with that. I have never had any luck with tomatoes here. It think it's too cool for them. Your garden looks magical!

    • Oh MINT… I would LOVE to have mint!!! Do you put it in tea? What else do you use it for? I was going to ask you if the dogs eat the herbs… then I remembered not ALL people have female dogs and I laughed at myself!!

      • Mint kind of goes crazy so be careful where you plant it. A little patch can turn into a full yard of mint! I use it for mint tea, but also make mint sauce for lamb and for other stuff as seasoning. I have a barrier around the mint because Harry does like to raise his leg against nice green stuff. Honey does occasionally eat some things, but Harry thinks if it's green it's disgusting.

  • That is awesome. Kind of adds a little extra fun to the gardening thing. Just throwing down seeds and seeing what grows. Ours has gotten off to a rough start, but I'm hoping it comes around soon.

    • The heat is up to 100 now.. the tomatoes are NOT happy! Hope yours starts to grow… but if you saw my NEIGHBOR'S garden, you would LAUGH at mine. He has rows of corn, huge plants with vegetables all over them… mine looks horrible compared to his!

  • wow! your garden sure has flourished!

    • It isn't neat AT ALL, but I had no where else to plant it all, so I just threw it all in! Actually my cucumbers didn't come up… I used this “tape” stuff that had the seeds in it. it didn't work!

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