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Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 by

cervical epidural steroid injection

“Only three to four people pass out each week.  Out of all of them, I have never had to give medication to bring them back.”

I was a little nervous, but more than that, I was excited.  Excited that the cervical epidural steroid injection would get me one step closer to living without pain.

By now, you certainly know who the ONE PERSON was who needed medication.  More than one kind of medication.  AND an IV bag.

I remember the sweat, the extreme nausea, the dry heaves, the embarrassment and the shock of my body betraying me WHEN I WASN’T EVEN SCARED!  I also remember the nurse waiving an alcohol pad under my nose for quite a while.  The smell registered, but I could not bring myself to turn my head away.

I also remember him saying a few times that both my blood pressure and my heart rate were remaining far too low.

What an amazing nurse I had.  “Oh look, your curls still look gorgeous after all of this!” She had me chuckling when all I wanted to do was cry.

Sadly, she refused to give me a bag to put over my head as I left the office.  She made a Vanna White arm move as she said, “Look, it’s all new people in the waiting room!”

Tomorrow I call the doctor to hear plan B.  Gatorade two hours before.  And perhaps a baseball bat to knock me upside my head a minute in to the procedure.  Ya think?

After three hours in the office for a 15-minute procedure, all I wanted was to get back to my safe haven.  A safe haven that does not consist of bricks and mortar.

Now, to find that bag for my head.

bag over head

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  • Mel

    Ohhhhhh…… (((((( katherine ))))))))

    I like the nurse! And you ARE spay-shull! 😉
    Geeze, you poor thing…

  • Oh, man, if that were me I think my haven would involve alcohol. Poor you!

  • Hey Katherine! Just reading this made my blood pressure drop, so don’t feel bad. And I tell you, you’re braver than me; I have two deteriorating disks, and I’m dreading the day they need to do anything with them. Indigo

  • Ouch! So sorry that it’s going that way. Drink a lot and eat salty stuff for the entire day before. We have low pressure and I am always on my daughter’s case to keep drinking – especially before medical procedures – of which she has had way too many. I hope that the next trip is better!!!

  • Holy crap, that sounds horrible! You are a very strong woman, Katherine, I would’ve been hiding under the bed by the end of it.

  • Ron

    OMG…I think I would have needed to be totally knocked out for this procedure, although I know you probably needed to be awake for it.

    Bless you, Katherine.

    ((((((( Katherine )))))))


  • You were brave, and strong and do not need a bag. These things happen. I wish you much luck on the next attempt.

    However I can relate to the whole bag thing. I have often wished for a bag for my head, only for me during procedures, as if by doing so it would be happening to someone else. If they couldn’t see my face there would be total anonymity. Who me? Nope.

  • Poor baby! This is dreadful. I’m so sorry you are going through it!

  • I hate that you have to deal with any of that. It sounds miserable. I hope your procedure works and you feel better. (I am sure you and your curls look beautiful and the bag is totally unwarranted)

  • There is no safe haven from pain. It will find us anywhere. It especially sucks when it happens to really nice people like you. 🙁

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I nearly pass out having my blood drawn, so I can’t imagine what would happen if they stuck a needle in my spine.

    Actually, now I can. Thanks for that, Katherine.

  • Oh, Katherine!!! I love you so much my darling friend!! I hate that you have to go through this! XOXOXO

  • Wow. Amazingly strong person is what you sound to be. This was very well written.

  • Yikes! I cannot handle needles and definitely not that one. Also, YIKES.

  • I wouldn’t have given you a paper bag either. A gold medal, more likely! So brave, Katherine. I hope that, as traumatizing as this was, it has the desired affect!!

  • Cadeaux

    Strange – you talked about your heart and blood pressure today, too! I swear I do NOT read these things until after I’ve posted my blog.

  • MalisaHargrove

    Oh, bless your heart! My husband and my mother have both had several of those injections. Not fun but they do help. Hope all goes better tomorrow!

  • KZ

    Wow, that sounds like intensely unpleasant stuff. I’m rooting for these procedures to work so that you can live pain-free. Your nurse sounds amazing, by the way. She knew exactly what to say. I had to smile a little when I read that part.

  • Spayshull? That’s putting it mildly… hope the injection is working! xoxoxo

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