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When Your Son Is On His Own
Published on Monday, April 8, 2013 by


Indeed, my son is finally on his own.  For the summer, at least.  This past weekend I was overjoyed to see him for TWO WHOLE DAYS, and had to chuckle at the few telltale signs that he indeed, was living on his own.

You know me… I have evidence!

At Grandma’s beach house, between she and I, there are NEVER dirty dishes in the sink!

Now, you may be asking yourselves, “Did Katherine make him get up and do the dishes as she should have?”  Ummm…. uhhhh…. well…. OK, I did the dishes he left.  I was there, he was asleep and they were in my way.  BUT I DIDN’T WASH HIS BIG GLASS.  THERE!  You happy?!?


The toilet seat is up.  EWWWWW!


“Grandma, I couldn’t find the trashbags soooo…..”

And although the dog gets the first hello….

… relationships are becoming much stronger.




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  • Heather R

    Thank you for making me tear up!

  • Ron

    “The toilet seat is up. EWWWWW!”

    Bwhahahahahahaha! Katherine, that (and the photo) made me HOWL because I hear so many women say the same thing! “Why can’t guys ever remember to put the toilet seat DOWN???”

    Well, you’ll be glad to know that even though I live alone, I ALWAYS put the seat down.

    Wonderful post! I love the shot of your son and dog and bonding. OMG…how sweet!

    Love that final shot too!


  • I, too love that last photo. Truly beautiful!!!

  • Mel

    Ahhhh….and so it begins.
    Seriously cool, the transformation when they grow into their own person. That last photo warmed my heart. Well worth ALL the dishes in the sink, eh?

  • Glad things are going so well. I love the last picture too.

  • That last photo is so fabulous!

  • Sniff, indeed! That last pic is beautiful and heart-wrenching, Katherine.

  • I feel that sniff all the way up here. (Darlin’, I’d have washed those dishes too.)

    I love the angle of the first shot ~ pure mid-Atlantic coast. The last shot speaks volumes.

  • anosh
  • Hey Katherine, despite my long absence, I’m totally with you in spirit on this one. Hope he gets home for a day or two again soon x Indigo

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