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So It Comes Down To This
Published on Sunday, April 6, 2014 by

One, two, three, four…. eleven, twelve, thirteen….

Darnit.  Thirteen items.  I steer away from the express lane and make my way to the regular checkout.

Sure, one more item probably won’t make a difference to those behind me.  But where does it stop?

I just can’t stand it when I see people breaking the rules simply because they feel they are more deserved.  Cutting in line during traffic.  Parking in the handicapped space.  Drinking or texting while driving.

The rules apply to OTHER people… not to ME!

Instead of these rules being enforced, they are now being changed… just to accommodate those who feel more deserving.

Laughing, I took this picture at the Food Lion in Corolla, North Carolina.

express about 12 items

ABOUT twelve items.  Because we know you are all going to cheat anyway.

What rules do you see people break that make YOU crazy!?

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  • Ron

    LOVE that sign, Katherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The rules apply to OTHER people… not to ME!”

    Thank you! And I’m one of those people, who before getting in an express lane, will COUNT my items just to be sure I only have 10.

    The rule that I see constantly broken is sign you see in a post office that says “Please don’t use your cell phone when approaching the counter.”

    HA! Yeah, right. Because EVERYONE I see approaching the counter is ON their cell phone; either blabbing away or texting.


    • Oh I HATE HATE HATE when people are checking out or are at a counter and are talking on the cell phone while talking to the check out person as well. I HATE THAT!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Ha – that’s priceless! I take a trolley through the ‘basket’ checkout quite often. Not – I hasten to add – a full trolley, but a trolley containing only the amount of goods I could have fitted into a basket if I were able to carry one without pain. If anyone challenges me, I’m quite happy to plonk a basket on the checkout and transfer my shopping from the trolley to the basket, but nobody every has.

    I hate it when people feel entitled to break the rules. At the supermarket, the one that really gets my goat is people who park (and walk away from) their cars in the ‘drop off’ bays, thus rendering them useless to those who really do just want to drop someone off and then go and park. They are meant for those in a hurry, and those who can’t walk far but don’t qualify as disabled, but people abuse them all the time. ‘Sigh’

    • Oh yes… and the people who park in handicap spots who DO have a tag… but then you realize they have the tag of their MOTHER who is NOT WITH THEM… they waltz out of the car with NO issues. ARGH!

  • A few years ago there was a national story about a woman that shot another woman at a Walmart because she had a basket full of stuff in the 20 items line. My first thought was the jury might let her off. OK maybe not but there are limits. I was in the Target line in a 10 items line and the woman had a cart load of stuff. I let that slide thinking that the cashier might of told her it was OK but then she said she need 15 gift cards of varying amounts. I was ready to LOSE it when the cashier said she really couldn’t do that in an express line.

    • The cashier told her NO in the express line? That is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Wooo hoooooo!!!!!! So it was good, right????

  • I’d best not comment, as I’m not a fan of absolute Rules. I hear you, tho. Indigo x

    • Ha ha actually, you will find me breaking MANY a rule. Particularly, “Do Not Trespass” ANYWHERE in the woods or outdoors… if it says not to go and I see an empty building or something I want to photograph… rules be damned!

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