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So It Comes Down To This
Published on Sunday, April 6, 2014 by

One, two, three, four…. eleven, twelve, thirteen….

Darnit.  Thirteen items.  I steer away from the express lane and make my way to the regular checkout.

Sure, one more item probably won’t make a difference to those behind me.  But where does it stop?

I just can’t stand it when I see people breaking the rules simply because they feel they are more deserved.  Cutting in line during traffic.  Parking in the handicapped space.  Drinking or texting while driving.

The rules apply to OTHER people… not to ME!

Instead of these rules being enforced, they are now being changed… just to accommodate those who feel more deserving.

Laughing, I took this picture at the Food Lion in Corolla, North Carolina.

express about 12 items

ABOUT twelve items.  Because we know you are all going to cheat anyway.

What rules do you see people break that make YOU crazy!?

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