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Slippery When Wet
Published on Sunday, January 30, 2011 by

deaf dog

A day in the life of Emma.

Never underestimate the power of shoes!

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  • I’ve had days like that Emma. Too many to count 🙂

  • I can tell she liked it. A. Lot. How adorable. I love dogs to pieces.

    Have a terrific Sunday. 🙂

  • That’s how I walk when it’s slippery!

    • Lisa, that is how I walk even when it isn’t slippery… I am just THAT uncoordinated!

  • Emma is adorable. Here she is in the store, sniffing out the good stuff as fast as she can, and to hell with slippery floors. It’s like us at a shoe sale! I love her! And love the pink harness!

    • Ha ha!!!! The shoe sale was perfect! To her it is a ball sale, a greenie sale and a rawhide sale. The harness was Dottie’s – it even says Dottie on it. With all that black and white, a lady needs a little color, don’t you think?

  • It looks like a fun outing. The only place our dog gets to go is the vet. Maybe I should take him for a visit to Petco. He would love it.

  • awwwww! I love Emma. She’s so cute trying NOT to skid all over the floor with her wet paws!

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    Awwww … ! See, this is why Sid wears little purple rubber boots! Since he only has three legs he wouldn’t stay upright in those circumstances without them!

  • Emma is a cutie, just missing her firetruck. There is nothing that is more precious then the dogs I have been blessed with throughout my life. i am sure you can agree to that Katherine 🙂 Big hug to you and Emma

    • Thanks! It has been a bumpy road – me and the new dog. I was used to an older, perfectly behaved dog. Emma is much younger then they said (not the rescue people – no one knows for sure. I think the age was guessed by the pound in Georgia) and with her being deaf, it is tricky. There are times when I am tearing out my hair – like playing tug of war with the family’s chicken dinner and her (yup, that was real lol) – and when she is after something and WON’T STOP NO MATTER WHAT and I can’t even tell her NO. If she isn’t looking at me, I can’t sign to her. And she knows not to look at me. But there is an amazing side to her too. So she is worth the patience and training. Because when she is snuggly and looks up at me with those sweet eyes, I forget about the chicken dinner. 😉 (And when I picture her previous life in a cage in the pound… ack!)

  • Emma is so cute… its always great that animals can make you laugh.

  • She was obviously having a ball! In doggy heaven! Cute video!

  • I seriously doubt that!

  • Wow how cute! Never seen a dog get so excited about shopping before.

    • She was incredibly excited because she has a bizarre tennis ball fixation… she goes to petco and goes NUTS finding balls that have rolled under shelving… it is so funny!

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