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Shoot Me NowAnother Weird Thing in my Back Yard

Another Weird Thing in my Back Yard
Published on Thursday, August 19, 2010 by

The Mysterious Bone Meat.  How can one forget that fateful Christmas dinner?  What was on that bone?  Was it Dora?  Jesus?  Intriguing!

Today I have a new one.  I was walking through my backyard and came across this, well, thing.   I picked it up and was stunned at the skull looking back at me.  What the heck WAS this object?  It was round, chalky looking and in my mind, had a skull happily nested into the bottom.

Why is there a skull THING in my backyard?!  And where did it COME FROM!  Could it be a seed sprung forth from the death tree?  Or perhaps an old pirate coin handcrafted out of ground bone and sea water?

And then, being the smart cookie that I am (cough cough), I figured it out.

My half broken swing set, compliments of a fierce Nor’ Easter and a very large tree, is still somewhat standing.  Look carefully and you will see just where “Mr. Skull Head Pirate Money” goes.

Here is a Skull Head Thingy in the place it belongs:

funny skull face

Here is where my Skull Head Thingy obviously flew out from.  Just how long will it take before the whole swing set collapses with someone on it?  (If it’s a “you should know better than to swing on that broken thing” teenager, I hope I get a video of THAT!):

weird face

Funny how the thing sticking out looks like a pirate canon.

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So, the skull circle thingy.  What do YOU see in it?!

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