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Skirt Mishap
Published on Saturday, November 17, 2007 by

Polka Dot SkirtDriving from work to the store, I began to feel the discomfort of a too large lunch and too tight skirt.  I unbuttoned my skirt for a little relief in the car.  You guessed it.  I got to the store, got out of my car and my skirt fell down to my ankles.

This was finally topped when I had lost weight, walked through the work cafeteria and had my slip fall right down to my ankles in front of everyone!

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  • Jenny

    That’s embarrassing! I had my own skirt moment last summer. I was walking home from an evening out looking fab in a knee length flared skirt. I felt somthing snap and looked down to see my skirt around my ankles! I was stood there in rather revealling black panties. I managed to quicky cover my front with my purse but a couple of guys got a good look at my rear. I walk the rest of the way way with red cheeks and one hand gripping hold of my wayward skirt. I still go red every time I think about it I was mortified

  • David

    In response to “Skirt Mishap” I can recall a mishap that happened to my wife just this past fall. One evening my wife and I decided to go out and she wore one of her favorite skirts. It was a very snug, blue leather mini skirt with a zipper and button in the rear. This skirt, along with her black stilettos, stockings and a knit sweater made this outfit a real attention getter. However, it would get her more attention then she wanted. Apparently, during the course of the evening, the zipper must have slowly started to unzip downward, leaving only the button holding it together. While shopping in a store she bent down to pick something up and when she stood up the button popped off, causing the skirt to completely open up and fall down! It took only a couple of seconds to help her pull it back up and zip it, but it seemed like an eternity to her and embarrassed her terribly to have a few women see her standing there exposed from the waist on down in her thong, stockings and garter belt. Thankfully this happened in between clothing racks but, nevertheless, we left that store and the mall asap!

  • Anchal

    It happened last week to me. I was in delhi with my boy friend. After shopping he was about to drop me at my place. I was wearing a wrap around skirt. As I got out of the car a part of my skirt some how got stuck in the door and I was left in my tiny black panties on the road. To add to my bad luck, the door got locked n people around got a full view of my round butts while I managed to cover my front with the shopping bags. I am getting red while writing it n will never forget this most stunning incidence of my life….n ofcourse the men around will no way forget me…

  • Helen

    My wrap skirt came off on a train platform – I was so embarrassed

    • So Helen, it isn’t JUST me, huh? LOL!!! I bet you were able to regain your composure better than I though!

  • Dee

    My skirt fall down? No, but my husband and I were in the right place and the right time to see someone’s skirt come apart and fall down just this past summer. We were waiting in line at a long and slow moving line at an ice cream stand. There was a woman standing in front of us wearing what looked like an elasticized, stretchy and quite snug crochet skirt. Not a full length skirt but closer to a mini. she had 2 young girls with her and one of them, in her impatience, went behind this woman and and started to rub her hand on this skirt. It did not take too long for this little girl to notice what we both did; a long thread of yarn dangling off the rear bottom hem. Just like a cat would do, she started to first play with it and then began to pull on it! As she pulled on it it quickly zig-zagged it’s way from the rear lower hem all the way up to the waist with the seam opening up as it went. This only took a few moments and this kid, when finished, had probably a five foot long piece of yarn in her hand which she let go of into the breeze. The woman was totally oblivious to what had been happening until the line moved shorter and she took a few steps forward. You guessed it. Boing! The skirt completely sprung open in the rear, fell down and she was stuck standing there in her thong and heels. Everyone started to giggle and all she could do is try to cover herself with was left of that skirt and dash for her car with the kids. Well, that was one less person in line!

    • Are you SERIOUS!!??? That is SO FUNNY Dee! She must have been MORTIFIED…. gosh, walking around in a very short skirt with two kids … in a THONG?! LOL!

  • Dee

    I am totally serious! We just happened to be at the right place and time, although it was her wrong place and time. While watching this kid pulling away on this loose thread of yarn you could see that she was totally in to what she was doing and enjoying every second of it and that this woman had no idea what was going on. She only found out when she took a step forward, only to have the skirt completely open up and fall down. I would have to say that being mortified is an understatement. Worst yet was that all she could do is try to cover up with what was left of that skirt. Making the dash for the car, which was about 100 feet away was not made any easier as she had to hold that skirt wrapped around her, walk fast in what I would say were at least 6 inch heels and control the kids at the same time. Well, no ice cream for them that day!

    • Except all the onlookers got their ice cream that day with the view LOL!

  • Dee

    I agree. Ice cream and a view! I know my husband enjoyed it. Could you imagine how embarrassing it would have been, as if it could not have been worse, if she had decided to not have worn that thong and went “commando” that day? I do not know what I would have done. Well, I guess her little clothing malfunction is a payback for cutting us off in line ang getting snobish with me when I said something to her. What comes around goes around. Did I get that right or did I reverse it? Sort of reminds me of an incident, another clothing backfire, which happened several years ago at a company I was a manager at. This one girl, a shop secretary who thought she was the cat’s meow, would always parade around in the tightest jeans you could imagine and the snuggest blouses to show off what would make Dolly Parton’s assets look like mosquito bites! How she ever got into these jeans I have no clue but on that day she wore skin tight zebra print jeans and the highest stilettos you could imagine. Being the generic office trouble maker she stampeded into my office, which was in the shop area, and picked an argument with my assisstant. There was no need for it and her payback was only seconds away. In the heat of her verbal abuse streaming from her mouth she leans forward, put both hands on my assistant’s desk, and literally got in her face. I did not have to say much as tragedy soon struck and ended the war. In leaning forward she completely split open the crotch on her jeans. If that wasn’t enough, when she bent over to see what happened her zipper sprung, followed by the button which popped off into oblivion! All she could do was pull what was left of her jeans together and run to the ladies room. She went home to change but never returned again. Goes to show, expect the unexpected!

    • Dee… that is what I call KARMA!!! BWAAA HAAA HAAAA!

  • Dee

    What! Are you up all wacky hours on the computer like i am? Looks that way. Well, I could not sleep as I have the flu, an inner ear infection, my husband was snoring (tired, he works 70 hrs. a week), and one of our parrots was imitating his snoring! So, I just finished writing my family back home in my country and will write you. Yes, that is KARMA and KARMA can be good. But my husband was quick to remind me of my clothing disasters, since we seem to be on the topic. One is the time we went out to dinner with two friends and I wore a short skirt and stockings, It was extremely quiet in this restaurant and, after sitting down I decided to cross my legs when I suddenly heard SNAP!, followed by SNAP! Anyone sitting close to me could hear it and wondered what it was. I didn’t need to wonder; it was my rear garter belt straps popping off my stockings. Worse yet, as time went by, the front ones unfastened and when I stood up, well, you know what happened. Or how about when we went out shopping one evening, Valentines Day two years ago. I bought a nice, heart shaped red thong to surprise my husband with. I wore my tightest jeans I own; denim zip around jeans that have a zipper that starts in the front, goes all the way down and around to the back. They gave me no trouble before but while in a store this evening they did for while standing in a check out line I bent over to pick something up, the zipper unlocked and the jeans sprung open. I was exposed from my navel on down and luckily the zipper stopped where I could still grab hold of it and close them back up but I still would up giving those close bystanders, a lucky few, a free show. Was I ever embarrassed. Or maybe the time I walked out of Victoria’s Secret after trying on a bra and had forgotten to button my blouse. Just a few weeks ago we went to Sunday morning mass and, as we are both ushers, we collected. Yes, me with my sweater on inside out and backward! Later that day we went shopping and by mistake I put on a pair of my UGGs. fine, except that they were two totally different ones! My husband says that was my way of having to have him buy me another pair in the mall, which he did. That was in addition to buying me a new frying pan set to replace the teflon ones I burnt the night before. The new ones are stainless but I will probably destroy them too! Gotta go. Hope you don’t mind long stories from me and, if you don’t mind, have more to share.

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