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Surgery Isn’t The Only Thing
Published on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 by

Tuesday I go under the knife.

After a lifetime of sinus infections, antibiotics have finally stopped working.  And that is scary.  So Tuesday I go in for three types of sinus surgery, none of which I can spell or pronounce.  Bottom line, all of my sinuses will be opened up and bone will be repaired that is in the way.

In the last few months I have heard nothing but horror stories about botched sinus surgeries.  Holes made where there shouldn’t be holes.  Infections.  Second surgeries to repair the first.

Let’s just say I am not looking forward to this.  At all.  But I really don’t have a choice.  I have been sick since January and if I don’t have things fixed surgically I swear I will take a stick from my back yard and shove it up my nose myself.  My surgeon has kindly asked me NOT to go that route.

I want to be off Allegra D and I want to be off continued use of steroids and antibiotics.  I also want antibiotics to work on me if I ever need them for something in the future.  So under the knife I go.

Once I have recovered I will document what the surgery was and what happened.  It is my hope the information will help others in the future who are looking at the same sinus surgery.

To make life even more exciting, I … have… skin… cancer.  Two  kinds.  REALLY?!  You reach level 50 and start to fall apart.

The first cancer is on my leg.  I need to use chemo cream on it for four weeks.  Initially insurance denied me getting this cream.  Does the word cancer not mean anything to an insurance company?  The big C… wake up big insurance company!  After three weeks it was finally approved.  I am not starting it until after surgery.  Wish me luck.

This is the skin cancer on my leg. If you have anything like it, go get checked!

skin cancer on top

The second cancer is basal cell carcinoma.  There is a patch where my ear meets my face.  In August I will go through the Mohs procedure.  Cut, leave open, cover and sit in the waiting room for an hour.  If they find there is still cancer you are called back for more cutting.  And more waiting.  And more cutting.  Once things are finally clear you go back for stitches.

“Be ready to stay here for at least six hours.”  That is a LOT of waiting and a lot of cutting and a LOT of open wound time.  That just doesn’t sound right, does it?  If the zombie apocalypse begins during my time there I am in big trouble.  Imagine my surgeon bursting through the door all zombiefied and no one left to stitch me up!

After my son’s cardiac arrest and open heart surgery, this is nothing but a bump in the road.  And on my face and leg.  And in my sinuses.

I’ve seen worse!


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