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Signs of Fall
Published on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 by

I am happy to be participating in A ‘lil Hoohaa’s monthly photo challenge, with October’s theme being “Fall.”  We will NOT be discussing how I tried to get a good shot of vanilla tootsie rolls falling, so don’t even ask.  And anyway, I ate them all.  Quickly.  Without guilt.  After all, you can only get them this time of year!

It was hard for me to choose which photos to include, as I had quite a few I liked.  But narrow it down to the required five I did.  I can’t wait to see all the other photos, with links to them at A ‘lil Hoohaa!

1.  Fall is when you can finally catch legal sized puppy drum in both Virginia and North Carolina.  My daughter caught the record of the family this month, weighing in at 24 inches and five pounds!

big puppy drum

2.  Fall is when the final roses in my garden bloom, before winter makes them fade in to dormancy.

grasshopper on rose

3.  Fall means Halloween, and Halloween means the Pirate House Lady decorates her entire front yard for October 31.  The longer you look, the more you will find.  Her house ROCKS.

decorated house for halloween

4.  Fall is when you find beautifully colored leaves resting at the water’s edge, telling all that winter is sadly near.

fall leaf on beach

5.  Fall means the ticks finally begin to die, giving us full access to hikes in the woods and treks through the marsh to reach our secret sea glass beach!

rare sea glass

mom blog

  • What great pictures. That is some fish your daughter snagged. (She BTW is so very cute)

    Some people really get into Halloween. We have a few houses around here that are decked out as well.

  • Great shots, Katherine. My favourite has to be that poor leaf on the beach. The water, the shells, the sand the colours on the leaf. Just great.

  • Ron

    WONDERFUL array of Fall photos, Katherine!

    WOW…that is one BIG puppy drum your daughter caught!

    The color of the fall leaf is beautiful. I love how you also captured the shells and bubbles surrounding the leaf.

    “Fall is when the final roses in my garden bloom, before winter makes them fade in to dormancy.”

    Love that you also caught the grasshopper on the rose!

    Well done, my friend….!

  • Wow! What lovely photos – again! I can’t see much in the Halloween house photo, but I take your word for it’s rocking 😉

  • Great photos, Katherine! I love the big fish your gorgeous daughter caught! All really lovely!

  • lisa

    Secret sea glass beach? Awesome!! And never, Never, NEVER apologize for eating vanilla tootsie rolls. I like the extra katydid decoration on your rose too! 😀

  • Mike Davis

    I love the happy fish photo and the Halloween house is right up my alley.

  • jo W

    bare feet and a caught fish … you are taking me back to childhood with this photo … how wonderful for your daughter …

  • All lovely photos Katherine. Congrats to your daughter on her catch-that’s some fish. My favorite is the leaf on the beach. Yes, winter doth approach.

  • Mel

    What a cutie, that daughter of yours–and NICE fish!

    I don’t know how you narrowed ’em down, but I think you did a standup job. They’re awesome photos. Awesome sea glass treasures……and darn that you didn’t get that photo of the vanilla tootsie roll falling.
    I say you keep trying! 😉

  • Secret sea glass?? I am jealous! Great pictures, love them all. 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Wow, I want to go to that glass beach!! I love what the sea and sand do to glass.

    I hope you ate the fish!

  • OK, that sea glass is way too awesome. I love the photo with the leaf in the water. Always a great image. And that fish… holy cow! Nice job this month, Katherine!

  • Fall means Happiness! You captured happiness in your photos, love it!

  • Paul

    I love the collection of sea glass. We don’t seem to get that here on the west coast. Your daughter looks as pleased as punch over her catch.

  • Hey Katherine! The fish! THE FISH! That’s a mighty catch, no wonder she looks so proud! Indigo x

  • Holy crap, where’s that fish taking that girl? Very impressive!

  • Agreed: The best part of autumn/winter is the great purge of mosquitoes and, yep, nasty wood ticks and things like that. And once again, my mind explodes over that amazing sea glass. Great collection of fall pics 🙂

  • GeoKs

    Super job of pairing engaging descriptions with equally engaging photos. So glad I have the chance to see what fall’s like in other parts of the world. No walking to secret sea glass beaches for us this time of year…more like making sure the snow shovels, boot and mittens are all ready to go!

    Favourites? The grasshopper hanging out with the last roses of the year and the wonderful arrangements of sea glass. I think I’d like to find a piece of sea glass someday…adding to my bucket list now.

  • Oh wow! These photos are INCREDIBLE! I love them all!

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