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Shoot Me NowKatherine Oakley, Blogger’s Got A Gun Part Two

Katherine Oakley, Blogger’s Got A Gun Part Two
Published on Sunday, September 18, 2011 by

When my first son was born I proclaimed, “There will be no toy guns in the house.”  <Insert Laughter Now>

old child gun

Yea I know.  New mothers think they know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

What I didn’t know at the time is that little boys don’t need toy guns.  In their world, everything is a gun.  Imagine my great surprise when I first saw my toddler pick up a stick, point it and call, “POW POW!”

You can take the gun away from the boy but you can’t take the gun out of the boy.

Since then, my boys have been trained in firearm safety and shooting during scout camp.  A friend has taken one of them to the firing range often.  Every child, including my daughter, has a BB gun. And as you may remember, my oldest now has a Remington shotgun.

But me?  Other than the BB guns, my hands have never been on these objects in question.  Until?


I can now say I have shot a gun. <breathe… breathe…>  As of TODAY.

surprise picture

The time was coming.  It was inevitable.  Therefore, when my neighbor and her Navy husband asked if I wanted to shoot today, I jumped right in.


I began at their house with a training session on hand placement, safety, aiming and firing.  They also explained I would have to read a sheet of paper at the firing range and then will have to answer a question or two about it before I get my “card.”

Did I get two questions?  OH NO, NOT ME!  I had a ton of questions.  Fortunately, my son and another person had to answer at the same time, allowing for a bit of fudging on a select few.

Fast forward to ear protection, eye protection and plenty of nerves.  It is one thing to see someone shoot on television, but to FEEL someone shoot… to HOLD a gun that can potentially KILL.  It is a completely different ball of wax.

They started me with a Barretta 22.  There was almost no kickback, making the gun FUN to shoot.  And how did I do?   As well as my amazing neighbor who owns it!  FIRST TIME!

But then came what I found to be my greatest challenge.  They let me try a Sig Saur 226 9 mm gun.  Navy Seals shoot this gun.  And at that moment, it was in my hands.  Loaded.

Did I mention guns are LOUD.  I mean loud as in your sinuses vibrate as people shoot around you.  Having that power in my hands was frightening, to say the least.

Think Katherine.  Think.  Hands correct?  Feet spaced?  Target in sight?  Here you go… squeeeeeezzzeee BAM!  My heart began to race.  BAM!  Was I going to pass out?  BAM!  I am hitting the target!  I am actually BAM! hitting the target!

I am happy to say the target’s large intestine will never be the same.  I didn’t hit in the middle, I hit low to the right.  But consistently, meaning I was anticipating the noise and lowering the gun just before I pulled the trigger.

My next try?  BOOYA.  Not bad for my first time!

sig saur

How far I’ve come, from no toy guns to facing my own fears and shooting them myself.  TODAY, I WAS SHAKING IN MY BOOTS!

Do guns still scare me?  Yes. Absolutely.  You bet.  But I have turned part of that fear in to knowledge and respect.  What a scary, different and exciting day.  I am proud of myself.  “I done good.”

Do you shoot, and if so, what?  Or do you NOT shoot?  Why?

mom blog

  • Pretty nice pattern for the very first time out.  Very good indeed.

    I was a cop for 25 years so I’ve shot more than one weapon including shotguns.  I currently own a Ruger SP101 357.  Nice little piece.  I also have my own shotgun.  870 Remington 12 gauge.  So I don’t have issues with firearms as long as they are not in the hands of criminals or the insane.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Ron

    “her Navy husband asked if I wanted to shoot today, I jumped right in.

    You GO, girl!

    And a HUGE brava to your target. That’s amazing! You’re a natural!

    I too was afraid to even touch a gun. That is, like you, until someone took me to a shooting range and allowed me to shoot two different type guns. OMG, I was so scared at first. But after shooting the first one, I found it invigorating!

    But, I gotta tell ya, my target was no where near as good as yours!

  • We can’t even buy toy guns in England anymore. They have to be futuristic weapons. Actually, in the days when we did play with toy guns it was ‘Cowboys & Indians’ we played. Before TV and the cowboy movies, boys generally played with toy swords – which was before my time, I hasten to add 🙂

    Have I ever held a gun? Does a water pistol count?  We can’t buy water pistols anymore either.  They also have to be futuristic weapons.

    Oh, wait!  I DID hold a gun once. A soldier’s rifle type gun that was part of an army exhibit event.  It was a real struggle to even lift it!  How do they carry those about all day long while fighting – AND with a back pack full of other stuff?

    Good shot for your first time.

    • Huh, that is interesting! No guns, no gun shops. Wow you should SEE the US… “Bass Pro Shops” …. you have to get a police background check, but still… you should have SEEN some of the bizarre people buying guns… very scary to think of how many have them and who they are and what they do!

      In my book, a water pistol COUNTS. Oh and you know what? I played Cowboys and Indians too!

  • I held a gun once in college.  A guy I hung out with had a handgun.  I have to admit, it kind of scared me.  Fortunately, no one got hurt.  You did a great job.

    • GUNS STILL SCARE ME! I was terrified shooting that Sig… even the second time around. We never had guns in the house… so new to me!

  • The only time I ever shot anything was one a those skeet rifle thingies.

    • OH COOL Margaret!!!! I really want to skeet shoot – but I am nervous I will follow it to the ground and kill somebody! What kinds of guns do they use for skeet?

  • damn girl! I can’t shoot a gun to save my life! You rock!

  • OMG! You are sooooo HOT!! 🙂

    Seriously, good for you. There is nothing wrong with RESPONSIBLE gun use, and I think you more than demonstrated a healthy respect for the potential danger in using a firearm.

    • Oh I respect guns as much as I respect the ocean. (If only all beach goers respected like that!)

      My neighbor even had me reload the gun, which REALLY scared me. I was afraid I would forget and swing it around or something! Shooting the .22 was FUN… but the Sig was kinda scary. But fun!

  • Debra Robertson

    I had a Glock for a while.  Then I had to get rid of it when my now-ex became suicidal…  I had a young child, my life was falling apart, and I didn’t have time to deal with it, so I sold it.

    I like shooting but not killing.  That being said, I want another gun.

    • Wow Debra, you have been through so much… I am sorry. I hope things are better? When I got my son’s shotgun for his bday, I refused to get ammo. I wasn’t ready for it to be in the house with the two other children, even though they aren’t little anymore. The gun has a lock on it and we now have ammo but it is locked up as well.

      Are you on your own? You SHOULD get a gun! After shooting one, I now think it is Ok to have one in the home, safely. Although they still make me nervous!

  • I’m impressed. Not a lot of people can overcome gun fear or the belief that guns kill. Its just a tool, granted a very loud one, I think what you have discovered is the power that it appears to impart to you. Be careful and I believe it to be a fun sport.

    • You know, I was scared through the whole thing… but I believe that learning about the guns and actually handling and shooting one was a good experience. There is a little less fear and a bit more understanding. Also, it WAS fun trying to get my aim just right!

  • That’s a pretty big clip!!! I bet that has at lease 100 rounds! Tear some manicans up!

    • My son is already asking to go back and shoot. If so, it will be just him and I… he has a shotgun – not sure if I want to shoot one of those yet…. as far as the Sig, I was so ready for the clip to be empty!

      • Shooting a shotgun was wild for me! I was not ready for the bruises!

  • My dad was an SF Cop.  He taught all of his 4 daughters to handle guns.  He was a sharpshooter, and we weren’t far behind.  My husband is ex-Military.  He likes guns.  I do too.  We spend at least a day every other weekend at the range.  Our guns are kept in a gun safe but there are a lot of them.  He gave me a 12 gauge shotgun for Valentines Day a couple of years ago.  I don’t need guns for protection.  i have dogs.  I have guns for a fun hobby.

  • Congrats on handling that gun like a trooper!

    I would like to think that i wont be scared if i ver have the chance to handle a gun. I think i am a bit more scared i would love the power it gives me a tad too much :p

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