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Shoot Me NowSick of Bad, Rude and Selfish People? Then You NEED To Read This!

Sick of Bad, Rude and Selfish People? Then You NEED To Read This!
Published on Thursday, December 31, 2009 by

good people givingIt took about eight months, but the failing economy has finally hit the Murray household in a bad way.  Google adsense profits are down ¾, as they are for many I’ve read about.  This was my extra little bit to get me over the hump of bills.  Now I’m behind all the time.

My daughter needs dental surgery immediately, so I have to come up with $336 by January 29 for the final payment.  Furthermore, there are a few birthdays this month, my car battery died this week and I have creditors waiting for my hard earned cash.  My oven stopped working and today my daughter told me the refrigerator shelf just broke.  And groceries?  I am simply overwhelmed.

Yesterday was “shopping for Grandma’s birthday” with my daughter.  We had a special afternoon planned with lunch, her choice, included.  Having my car battery die the day before was not helping my state of mind.  I saw dollar signs upon dollar signs as we walked into IHOP.  But this was a special day.  It was OUR day, and I was going to give her that lunch.

We placed our orders and began to talk, color and tell jokes.  After about ten minutes of this, the waitress came to apologize for the delay.  I said it was fine, no problems here and she moved on.  Three more apologetic visits later, the food finally arrived.

As we were finishing, the manager came over and sat next to me on the sticky IHOP bench.  She leaned in and said, “Your waitress told me how long it took for your food to arrive, and said you were very nice about the whole thing.  Your ticket is on me today.”  I sputtered, “My bill?  You are taking care of the whole bill?”  “Yes honey – you were just so nice while you waited.”  I choked up.  I explained that of all times, THIS was the time I needed help the most.  She smiled, a bit choked up herself, and told me to have a wonderful day.

When my daughter and I got home, my deceased neighbor’s son was walking towards my house.  He recently switched her house over to electric heat and had offered her old oil to me.  After two months, nothing had been coordinated, so I had pretty much given up on the idea.  But to my surprise, he announced that 100 gallons of new oil would be delivered to me on December 31, free of charge.  The oil company planned to simply keep what was left in her tank and to give me fresh oil.

Once again, my feet were frozen in place as I stammered my most sincere thanks.  My oil was almost out and we had been shivering under layers of blankets each evening.

Yesterday restored my faith in people.  In GOOD PEOPLE.  I had almost given up.

One day I am going to get back on track.  As a matter of fact, I plan to be MORE than back on track.  And then I vow to do the same for others.  My goal is to quickly pay for the person behind me in drive-thru lines and speed off.  To slip $100 in to someone’s mailbox that is currently down on their luck.  And to leave groceries on the doorstep of a hungry family.

I’m going to keep plugging away and praying to the almighty google for some link love and high placement.  And even better, I’ll be praying to THE Almighty himself.  And if I am blessed with a better financial situation, I’m going to pass that down to others.  Because I know how it feels to be financially stressed, and I now know what it’s like to be given unsolicited help.  It feels good.  So, so good.

Yes, there are angels among us.  You just have to look.

Have you ever had someone help you like this?  Or have you done something like this for others?

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