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Published on Monday, January 16, 2017 by

Day 16 of the 20 Days of Chill writing challenge brings the topic, “Selfie Nation.”

A few weeks ago we were treated to a special “behind the scenes” at our local zoo.  Five off us were led around the back, through a special building and right up to the giraffe area….. WHERE WE WERE ABLE TO FEED THE GIRAFFES!

We were given instructions on what to do and not do.  No touching because they don’t like it, don’t feed them dropped carrots and be careful because they have a lot of spit and you just may end up covered in drool.  Giraffe drool.

Imagine standing behind a fence and having giraffes walk right up to you to eat out of your hand.  It was magical.

As we began feeding them, taking pictures and snapchatting the zoo keeper gave us a tip.  “If you stand with your back to them and hold up a carrot you can get a good picture.”  I turned to her and said, “You mean you are teaching us how to take giraffe selfies?”  “I sure am!”

Even at the zoo, it is a selfie nation!





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  • Ron

    Katherine, I am so jealous because I LOVE giraffe’s and have always wanted to see them. There is something so cute about their long neck and face! I think it’s so cool that not only did you see them, but FED them as well!

    AWESOME photographs! I love the up-close and personal ones – HA!

    Also, the ones of the matching profiles was GENIUS!

    Great shot of you and your kids!

    • OH MY GOSH RON… MEERKATS. I stared at them for so long. They kept posing and posing and posing… they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! When the three were posing I told the girls, “QUICK!!!! Do the same thing!!!!” That is one of my favorite pictures EVER!

      Giraffes were my favorite animal when I was young. I would go to the zoo to see the giraffes… so this opportunity was incredible. They are BEAUTIFUL up close!!!! I will never forget that day!

  • How fun is this? Way fun. I would have loved to do this. Without the spit though.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • Thank you for the link!

      Fortunately I didn’t get the drool… but I DID get pecked by an ostrich!

  • What awesome pictures! That looks like such a fun day. I haven’t been to the zoo in ages.

  • lissa

    great photos, the giraffes seems to like their photo taken, guess they are just like us

    have a lovely day.

  • Clare Barton

    Lovin your Giraffe selfies! And the meerkats, i wonder what is catching everyones eye in the photo of two girls and meerkats in background?

  • Tamara Gerber

    Great, great shots!!!
    In my experience giraffes actually love to have their picture taken! On our first safari in South Africa I was not happy with the animal pictures I was able to take. The lions were just hanging out sleeping, the zebras turned and showed us their butts as soon as they felt disturbed, the cheetah ran away, and forget about the leopard, he didn’t even show up at all. The giraffes however seemed to pose and smile! Very grateful for that!

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