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Published on Sunday, October 14, 2012 by

Years ago, a BB gun hole magically appeared in my front window.  My boys and their neighborhood friends had been shooting for days.  But somehow, none of them accidentally shot the window.  Pretty amazing, huh?

To this day, the hole-maker’s name remains a secret.  And every time I see it, I find myself smiling.

bb gun hole

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  • Ron

    Katherine, I love both this story AND the photo!!!!

    “But somehow, none of them accidentally shot the window. Pretty amazing, huh?”

    Tee, hee! Shhhhhhhhh…it’s a secret!

    Hope you had a super weekend, my friend!

  • Jamie Baker

    All I can think of is the Christmas Story line- “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

  • Kevin

    Lol – It wasn’t me!

    However, something happened similar to this in my neighborhood too! 🙂

  • Ah, yes. Boys will be boys! Maybe ONE day you will find out who did it!

  • MikeWJ

    Those rotters.

    In their defense, though, I did worse as a kid. I found a .22-caliber bullet, set it on the sidewalk, and hit it with a hammer. The bullet went through the front window of a neighbor’s house. Nobody was hurt, thankfully.

    Also, I shot a car once. But that’s another story.

  • Out of the blue about 40 years later, my son admitted something he did when he was a kid – had to do with matches…I was so surprised.

  • This is just the coolest photo ever!

  • When they are older and sitting around telling stories, you’ll finally get the real story!

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