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Shoot Me Now‘Tis the Season for the December Photo Challenge

‘Tis the Season for the December Photo Challenge
Published on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 by

This month’s photo challenge theme was ‘Tis the Season.  So many photos, and only five allowed!

1. I’ll start with the blurry one. Every year a house in my mother’s neighborhood has Santa looking out of the window. Not just Santa…. But SANTA. Like the most frightening Santa you have EVER seen. I always forget about this Santa until I am driving home on Christmas night, exhausted and ready for bed. This year I finally stopped the car, backed up and took a picture with my iPhone. It isn’t about the quality with this one… it is about the CREEPY!

scary Santa

2.  I am not a crafter, a painter or an artist.  Which is exactly why I decided to make something for my mother for Christmas.  Much to my surprise, it actually turned out better than I had expected.  I collected every shell on the beach in Corolla, scrubbed each down, wrapped the styrofoam, glued the shells, painted the gold leaf on the edges…. oh and I also got gold leaf on my pants, on my table, in the sink, on the dishes and across the floor.  But it was worth it!

make a shell wreath

3.  Christmas means snowmen to me.  Every December I reintroduce myself to all the snowmen I’ve collected over the years.  Some are made by the kids, some twinkle with lights and some are chipped or broken.  In my house, even the broken snowmen deserve a place of honor!

snowman figurine

4.  A friend of mine gave me a beautiful glass cone that holds a winter scene, including a sparkle-covered reindeer.  I love the classic old feel of this beautiful gift.

old classic Christmas ornament

5.  Christmas dinner at my mother’s house includes prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.  My mother makes the most amazing Yorkshire pudding I have ever tasted.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and was surprised at how many people asked what it was.  Others commented that they have never seen Yorkshire pudding baked in a large pan.  Since I’ve eaten this every year since I was little I found it incredibly hard to describe what Yorkshire pudding tastes like.  Let’s just say, “IT’S SO GOOD!”

pan of yorkshire pudding

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and will have a magical new year!

mom blog

  • We have a house here (two story) and Santa is projected into the bedroom, upstairs. He walks about placing gifts and eating mince pies. It looks very real and magical for passing kids on Christmas Eve.

    I have eaten Yorkshire pudding almost every Sunday of my life. My mum always made the large Yorkshire pudding, but we now have frozen individual Yorkshires – a sign of the times but, surprisingly, just as tasty as home made.

    • Babs, that house with Santa sounds MAGICAL. I would love to see that… I bet children love it!

      Now tell me… did MOST people do the large Yorkshire like my Mom’s? I am interested in what is the “standard.” Mom pours her batter in the hot pan that the prime rib was cooked in, so it gets some of that beefy fat. SO GOOD!

      • That is how most people cooked it, years ago. Sadly not many people cook any more. Mo and I are the only people I know that still have dinners like my mother used to cook. Even we don’t have home made Yorkshire pudding now. Not when you can buy ready made small Yorkshires that taste every bit as good.

        Locally, if you want a snack, you can oder a Yorkshire pudding, that is round, deep sided and the size of your plate. It is then filled with gravy. Not something I would eat, but Mo has had it. Yorkshire people love it.

  • Ron

    “Not just Santa…. But SANTA. Like the most frightening Santa you have EVER seen.”
    OMG…it took me a few seconds to notice the Santa, and you’re right…it is CREEPY! It looks like he’s holding a tray of DRINKS!

    And BRAVA to you on the shell wreath. It’s beautiful! You are talented in SO many ways.

    ” Let’s just say, “IT’S SO GOOD!”

    And it LOOKS good too! I adore Yorkshire pudding. When I was still living in Florida, I worked at an authentic English tea house that was owned by a couple from the UK. We had Yorkshire pudding on our menu, so that was the first time I had ever eaten it. YUMMY!

    Great selection of photos, Katherine!

    Happy New Year, my friend!


    • First of all, thank you! And I have to ask! The Yorkshire pudding… was it shaped like popovers or was it in a big pan? On Facebook everyone was questioning it. I would love to know what they did in the restaurant.

      • Ron

        Neither, it was served in individual ceramic dishes, almost like a small souffle dish. And OMG…was it ever delicious!

  • A creepy Santa. I think that’s neat. I’ve seen a few creepy Santas here and there. Why not.

    Love the other shots too. Takes one right back to Christmas.

    I’ve never had Yorkshire pudding. I’d love to try some.

    Have a fabulous day and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. ☺

    • Mom’s Yorkshire pudding is so good. It makes me miss my Dad’s popovers… oh and when you dip it in gravy…. Fantastic!

  • Mike Davis

    I like the creepy Santa and the stalker-ish way you have photographed it makes it more creepy!

    • Ha ha yup… I WAS stalking, wasn’t I!!!? So funny. If I lived there I would be afraid the Santa would come to life and chase me!

  • Paul Myers

    We have a house in our neighborhood that has a moving video Santa in the upstairs window of their house. It’s very well done and looks very real. Is this why you think the Santa is creepy? Because it’s not very lifelike?

    • Paul… It is funny that no one really thinks it is creepy – so it must be me for sure. I don’t know… I guess because it is so lifelike and he looks kind of like a stalker. Maybe too thin for Santa? I’m not sure now… but when I see it I actually shudder a little bit!

  • Happy New Year, Katherine! I think you captured the essence of the season. Although I’m not sure why Santa is creepy…I guess you had to be there. 😉

    Yorkshire pudding is quite similar to what I know as popovers baked in a muffin pan or “popover pan”.

    • Linda… Santa is SO LIFE SIZED… and it is kind of creepy the way they have him staring out the window… maybe as a child I had a nightmare about something like that…. like a giant “child friendly” figure.

  • Lisa

    Wonderful representation of the season…sans the creepy Santa! What a great idea for a wreath. I think I’ll suggest the idea to my Florida-based daughter!

    • I was amazed at how beautiful the wreath turned out. I’m not very crafty… and it looked better than a lot of things I see for sale in Corolla!

  • Some great choices for this month’s theme! Love that santa … I can’t lie. It would make me chuckle. And I love the detail on the snowman you chose. The food, of course, looks amazing. 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

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