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Sea Glass Treasure
Published on Saturday, February 23, 2013 by

Day 23 of the WWFC Blog Writing Challenge gives us the challenge word, “Absurd.”

purple sea glass

Sea glass.  In my family, it’s like gold.  I love all colors, but BLUE sea glass?  PRICELESS.

Ever since people began to use plastic, sea glass numbers have dwindled.  In Corolla, we have to look high and low for little bits of brown, white and sometimes green.  To come back to the beach house with more than three pieces in your bag is a good GOOD day.

Yesterday, I found myself in a rich, somewhat gated community during lunch.  Pulling up to a little park, I longingly gazed towards the forbidden bulkhead.  Looking far down towards the empty beach space, I scanned the water’s edge for areas that might contain glass.


naked men

The view was spectacular!  There were some good looking guys there too.


Looking towards the left and then to the right, I saw an “all clear” and made my move.  Gingerly stepping down the wobbly rocks, I managed to get to the bottom without killing myself.  That was a feat in itself.

Then I saw it.  A soft, worn piece of white glass just peeking out of the sand.  As I reached for it, a green piece caught my eye.  Wait, was that a brown?

In less than an hour, my pockets were filled to the brim with heavy, sandy pieces of worn glass.  It was an absurd amount of sea glass.  An embarrassment of riches, one might say.

sea glass colors

Recently, I’ve been down.  WAY down.  Daily pain can do that to a body.  As can constant gastroparesis nausea.  And worry about where I will find the next dollar for yet another specialist appointment, much less gas and food and medicine.

Yesterday, all was forgotten the moment I picked up my first piece of sea glass.  For an hour of my day, every bit of pain and worry left me.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Yesterday, I found myself some treasure.  In more ways than one.

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