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Sandy vs. Corolla’s Dunes
Published on Sunday, November 11, 2012 by

I am so happy to say that overall, Corolla was spared a great deal when Sandy blew through.  All the houses near us are intact and there is minimal debris or standing water around the neighborhood.  But how did the dunes fare?

Every year the locals kindly and gently find themselves talking to visitors about climbing the dunes.  It is illegal for a very good reason.  The dunes protect the houses from nor’easter and hurricane damage.  If we didn’t have the dunes, the houses would not be there for renters to stay in.

Some visitors are wonderful about it while others are, how shall we say, NOT.  For instance, after one of the locals politely explained why the dunes are protected legally, the renter yelled, “I am on VACATION and I will do ANYTHING I WANT!”  This “gentleman” then proceeded to climb the dunes and attempt to rip out the “Keep off Dunes” sign.

As one of the long-time residents told me today while we chatted on the beach, “Some people just lose their minds the minute they cross that bridge.”

I am happy to say there are still dunes.  But I am sad to say it appears a razor blade cut through the very length of them.  Fortunately, Mother Nature has a way naturally restoring the dunes by producing winter storms that blow the sand back against their walls.  I hope Ms. Nature spends a little time here, as well as along the entire East coast.

Here are a few pictures I took on this glorious weekend.  For two days I have been able to stop and breathe.  One can never overstress the importance of breathing, can one?

Outer Banks Corolla Dunes 2010

corolla dunes

 Corolla Dunes After Sandy, 2012

dunes after Sandy

Uncovered Stairs from Storms of the Past

stairs after storm

Post Storm Beach Treasure… Worn Wood, Shells and Fulgurite

beach wood and fulgurite

A Beautiful Ending to a Beautiful Day

outer banks sunset

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