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Published on Friday, January 13, 2017 by

Day ten of the ‘lil Hoohaa writing challenge brings the topic, “San Francisco.”  Being Friday, this is the challenge where I take this topic and add it to last Friday’s post to continue a story.

 fortune cookie factory

Lisa woke to the thump of airplane wheels hitting the ground.  Her foggy brain began to register…. plane…. landing… cheese steak…. barf bag…. a man…. his eyes…. his…. SHOULDER?!  Oh God, her head was on his SHOULDER.  She threw her head to the side, only to knock it against the window.  Oh Gawwwwwddddddddd.

She turned to the soft chuckle at her right.  “Careful, Grace.  Unless you want to add a concussion to your list of woes.”

“My name is Lisa, although I wish Grace was my middle name at this point.  And if you have any decency whatsoever, you will get up and leave this plane without ever looking back.  Just leave me in this huge pool of embarrassment.”

Without missing a beat, this dark haired, blue eyed man took her hand and said, “Morgan.  And not only am I helping you off the plane, but I’m helping you to your hotel or house or wherever.”

“Hotel.  And no you aren’t.”

“Actually I am.  And tomorrow I will pick you up and take you to China Town’s fortune cookie factory where you will find out exactly what your future holds.  Although I personally know exactly what the fortune will say.  Now… welcome to San Francisco.”


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  • Paul

    Well, I hope she takes him up on the offer.

  • Tamara Gerber

    Oh my goodness, a trip to the fortune cookie factory, how cool!

  • I’ve been to the fortune cookie factory in San Francisco. I’m more interested in this handsome man. I’m just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • lissa

    sounds like a offer too good to be true but then again, what could happen in a fortune cookie factory?

    have a lovely day.

  • Ron

    Katherine, you are such a talented writer!!! This continuing story is so cleverly written. In just a few paragraphs, you’ve created such a curiosity as to what comes next!

    Well done, my friend! Looking forward to your next continuing….

    Have a faaaaaaaabulous weekend!

    P.S. also I love the fortune cookie picture!

  • So romantic, just like a movie. Now we just need the leading man and lady.

  • I agree…you are such a talented writer. You have us all wanting more of the story.

  • I’m curious to see if this takes an unexpected turn … well, unless the fortune cookies are as bad as that cheese steak.

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