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San Francisco’s China Town
Published on Thursday, May 21, 2015 by

My daughter’s and my favorite place in San Francisco HAND’S DOWN was China Town. Walking through those streets was like being transported to a different country. She and I drank in the sights, the smells, the foods, the music and the language. We were in heaven sharing such an adventure!

A “must see” in San Francisco’s China Town is the Fortune Cookie Factory.  To get there, one must negotiate the streets, find the correct turn in to a scary looking alley and like us, accidentally walk past it. Then a man will call you in… “Come back.  It is here.  You will come in!”  This man will immediately hand you samples, turn you to the wall of bagged goodies and ask you what you will be buying.  Cash only.  You buy your goods and are quickly exited out, allowing others to enter the tiny little space.  And pictures?  They are only allowed for a small fee.  OOPS!  (slowly putting my phone in to my pocket)

The cookies were to DIE for and actually had REAL fortunes in them, unlike the platitude cookies one normally sees.  If anyone lives in San Francisco, can you please mail me some more cookies?

china town fortune cookie factore

I was fascinated with everything going on through the windows of China Town.  As promised, we saw many  types of poultry hanging from the windows.  If you have webbed feet you should NOT get caught wandering these streets!

china town duck  hanging duck

peking duck

looking through window

Picture us all staring through the glass repeating, “What is that?  What IS that??”  Later, my daughter realized it was turtle.  That was SO SAD.dead china town turtle

The buildings and lanterns in China Town were stunning.


red chinatown lanterns  china town architecture

Dick Lee Pastries

Dried sea cucumber.  How do you cook these and who teaches you?  Every item displayed was fascinating.

dried sea cucumber

Man with chicken head!

man with chicken head

We walked by this display and immediately doubled back.  A Harry Potter statue.  A very VERY HAPPY Harry Potter statue.  “Look out, Mr. Lion!”  Who would BUY this!  I really REALLY want to know!

harry potter statue

Finally, my favorite sign in China Town.  Look carefully at the menu.

poultry factory SF

“Mommy Mommy! I want an old brown chicken PLEASSEEEE!”

mom blog

  • Ron

    “The cookies were to DIE for and actually had REAL fortunes in them, unlike the platitude cookies one normally sees.”

    Katherine, I love the taste of fortune cookies, but I can only imagine how exceptional they were coming from that factory. YUMMY!

    What a fabulous selection of photographs! You really captured the look and feel of China Town! I love the first photo and the woman who seems to be covering her face – HA!

    “A Harry Potter statue. A very VERY HAPPY Harry Potter statue. “Look out, Mr. Lion!”

    Bwhahahahahahaha! OMG…HILARIOUS! Wow…talk about a piece of WOOD!

    We have a China Town here in Philly, but not nearly as grand as the one you’ve shown here from San Fran.

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. Thoroughly enjoyed!


    • Oh Ron… the fortune cookies HOT…. they had rejects in a bowl for you to try and they were hot off the machine. AMAZING. And when they cooled they were super crunchy but light… they were the best ever. They also had ALMOND COOKIES… just sayin!!!!

      When I was in China Town i actually thought about you… we don’t have a “city” and so walking through a city with my camera made me “Channel Ron.” I hope I succeeded in my goal just a tiny bit!

  • I’ve been there. The fortune cookie factory. It is a small area too. I too love China Town. Been all over that fabulous place. Fabulous fun and the food (most of it) is really good.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • You know, we didn’t really get anything to eat there… we had several people/kids with us and we didn’t get to “linger.” There was one place we stopped that had a LONG line in front… I want to go eat there SO BAD!!!

  • My hometown. Happy you had such a wonderful visit. Unfortunately, the whole city has now turned into Chinatown. Did you make it to Ghirardelli Square and all the wonderful seafood restaurants at the wharf?

    • We were going to go to Ghirardelli but never quite made it… we were so exhausted we could hardly walk and we had to catch our flight later in the day. BUT… we made it to the wharf and OH MY GOSH I had one of those crab sandwiches… gluten and all… and it was HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!! I am still dreaming about it!

      • I’m happy my hometown was good to you. ;0

  • One day I’ll get there. The fortune cookie factory looks amazing! I’ve never been a big fan of dead animals hanging in windows, though.

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