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I Am More Important Than Anyone!
Published on Friday, February 5, 2010 by

I park in a hospital garage every day for work.  This garage happens to be a magnet for both lazy and stupid drivers.  Or maybe it’s all garages?

We clock in and out every day.  So most of the people in that garage are in a hurry to park and get in to the time clock.  MOST of the people.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a line in the garage twenty cars deep.  The cause?  Someone thinks someone else is about to pull out and GOSH, they are closest to the door of the hospital!  GOTTA GET THAT SPOT!  After all, why move along, find a space higher up and take the elevator?  That would be maybe thirty steps extra!

So having twenty angry cars behind you is a small price to pay, no?   And having twenty people clock in late and therefore have to stay late is worth those thirty steps, correct?  Of course the person who is potentially leaving the space is fiddling in their car, turning on their cell phone, messing with papers and putting on lipstick.  Even the guys.

But yesterday was an even better one.  Not quite as good as the car that was hit, but almost.  The top of the garage was covered in snow last week and subsequently plowed.  In the areas that held piles of snow, there were barriers put up as well as yellow caution tape.  The spots that were filled with snow were roped off – no parking please.

But some people are better than others.  And can make any spot they want.  See if you can figure out who thinks they are more important than anyone else?  I smell “rule breaker,” don’t you?

I don’t know.  Maybe they were stuck behind a thirty-step person and were simply fed up.  Or maybe they had a bathroom emergency from too many coffees?  But most likely, judging from the very-expensive-car-that-is-immaculate-even-with-the-snow-on-the-roads, it is probably a MORE IMPORTANT PERSON THAN ME.  I bow in their general direction.

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  • Very true & nicely written…. Peeps who break the law or ignore what is right…are seamlessly IMPORTANT!!!!!!


  • How Rude!! But I do want to know HOW that Very Important Person KEEPS their very-expensive-car-that-is-immaculate-even-with-the-snow-on-the-roads!!!!

  • Ever notice how territorial people get over parking spaces?

  • Jen

    It’s been ages since I had to fight for a parking space every morning. And I was lucky when I worked at a doctor’s office I had a reserved spot but it was up several levels so I did have to wait to get in the gate numerous times. Getting out was even worse with the people who wrote checks, usually visitors to the hospital. As for parking on snow, you should see how people park around here. Our streets are made for two way traffic and parking on each side. In the winter there is barely a path for one car to get down the street. People still park 2-3 feet from the curb because they don’t know who to park a car. I’m just waiting for them to get sideswiped.

  • Crazy people doing really crazy things. Well, I am guilty too. I did that in school, with my bicycle… lol
    Hope that’s an exception… 🙂

    Have a great day!:)

  • Too bad you didn’t accidently ‘tap’ the car that was sticking out to far…

  • The car is too big which is obviously because the owner is compensating for something. It’s kept so clean by never driving any closer than 6ft from anything! What is it they say about black cars and accidents?

  • That drives me nuts! My OB/GYN is in a parking garage like that (luckily I don’t visit there often anymore), but back in the day,

    I can remember being so frustrated because the people wouldn’t just KEEP ON DRIVING! You can park close to the elevator at the top TOO!

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