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Royal Wedding Hats Gone Tribal
Published on Friday, April 29, 2011 by

Wearing hats.  It is an ancient art that America has long since forgotten.  Fortunately, the Brits still know how to rock them.  After indulging in a good hour of the Royal Wedding, I began to play with hats.

funny wedding hatscomb overwomen with hats

And then I began to ponder, “What if Tribal Blog members began to sport those wonderfully bad hats from the Royal Wedding?”  For this, I oh so apologize.  I couldn’t get everyone, and there were several I was desperate to do but didn’t have pictures for… that means you!  Perhaps I will have to have “Royal Wedding Hats Gone Tribal, Part Two.”  Rock it, Tribe!

cat with hatsheila english hatfunny britssmall town mommycardiogirlredheadswindy junk drawermea culpananny goats in pantieskatherine schulzeferd

C’mon Ferd, you know I couldn’t forget you!!!


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  • O.M.GEEE! Those are awesome! Margaret looks like she’s actually wearing that hat! And I have to say you did a fantastic job of color coordinating those hats!

    Way to go! Or as the Brits would say, spot on!

    • Oh oh oh! COME BACK COME BACK! You were the HARDEST to do… but I did it!!! Look for the self portrait I shamelessly stole from you! hee hee!

  • Anonymous

    Love it!!! I love hats and was hoping after the wedding it would bring them back but not the really odd hats like these. I’m much more comfortable with Victoria’s hat on the cat because all I could think looking at it on Victoria was “How the hell is she keeping that thing on?” It was in such a weird place.

    • I wondered how Princess Beatrice kept hers on… glue??! Cats can wear any hats they want by using a special cat-like static electricity…. I wonder if Victoria can do that?

    I didn’t see that coming! I literally L’dMAO at that!
    I kinda like it! I think I have a blue shirt that might complement the hat! 😉

  • Jajajaja! Love it!

  • Oh ya – Jayne rocks it!

  • Hats are the new shoes.

  • Aww YES! I LOVE my heat! Love it! Excellent job Katherine!

  • HAAA! That was awesome!!! I think Linda will be proud!

  • Ahahhahaha! AHHAHAHHAhahahha! AHAHAHHAHAHHAH!! OMG, Katherine, you are sofa king funny. I love you!

  • Ha! I’m totally rockin’ that hat! THANK YOU for such a excellent royal gift. Is that Meleah just above me? Awesome.

  • You’re silly. I love silly. Teletubbies scare me, with or without hats.

  • This was awesome! At first I was like, hmmm…Trump already wears a weird “hat” everyday. Then I was…hey, these people look familiar!

    Great job!

  • Mikewj

    For some reason, the shot of Jayne in that delicate little blue number really grabbed my attention. I wonder if she’s got royalty in her blood? Jen and Margaret looked pretty good, too.

    What a fun idea. I wish you’d had my photo. I love hats.

  • I love my hat!!!!

  • ahaaaaa!!!


  • I really love this ,Thanks for sharing. tele tubbies are really looking good.

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