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Marzipan and Roses
Published on Saturday, February 22, 2014 by

Day 22 of the WWFC writing challenge brings us, “It’s Only a Dream.”

pretty stream

It’s only a dream.  But it must be one of those dreams where you can change things.  What are they called?  Lucid dreams?  Because knew she was dreaming and was making her way by choice.   But it’s only a dream… isn’t it?

There was ice on everything.  The branches.  The grass.  The bridge arched over the tiny frozen stream.  It was magical, just like a …. dream?  She touched a branch and felt no cold.  Simply amazing.

She reached up and pulled a cloud out of the sky.  Swirling her tongue along its edge, she tasted marzipan and roses.  It’s only a dream.

Putting her fingers on to the ice below the bridge, she willed the stream to thaw and turn warm.  Crossing through, she made sure not to step on the water bunnies swimming below.

After climbing the bank on the other side, she found herself on the edge of a huge cliff.  Looking down, she watched the sea turtles slowly flying through the air.  Whistling, she called one in and stepped on to its glittering shell.  The sea turtle flew down at a fast pace, only to slow and begin a deliberate flowing circle to the ground below.

Stepping off, she clicked her mouth and sent it back to the cobalt skies.

The ice had long since melted, changing over to a perfect warm spring day.  Knowing she was close, her heart began to flutter.

It’s only a dream.

A breeze smelling of lilac carried her forward, bringing her to the very hill she had been searching for.  Six strides up and she was finally there.  In front of her lay a meadow more beautiful than anyone could imagine. Beyond it, a lush forest of greens, purples and blues.

And the rainbow?  It was no rainbow of the waking world.  It was greater than the meadow, the trees and the sky.  It had hues that were unknown to her mere human eye.  It was shimmering, swirling and probably alive.  Beautifully and magically alive.

It’s only a dream.

She heard him before she saw him.  She looked so hard in to the woods that her eyes hurt.  Her mouth opened, expelling an “Oh!” when he came bounding through the forest brush.  She fell to her knees, instantly weeping with joy.

It’s only a dream.

He leapt at her, bringing her down on her back.  Straddling her, his body was shaking with joy, as was hers.  Soon her face was covered in wet, a barrage of kisses raining down on her.  “Murphy!  My Murphy!  I knew I would see you again!  Murphy Murphy Murphy!”

She scratched his ears as she cried with joy, smelling his familiar dog smell.  His fur was softer than she remembered.  And her heart was nearly bursting with happiness.

She rolled over, her hair sweeping across her face.  Her pillow… her pillow?  Opening her eyes, she winced as her surroundings became clear.  It was only a dream.  Closing her eyes and opening them once again confirmed this hard truth.

It was only a dream.

With a slight smile, she pulled her top to her nose and sniffed.  Putting it back down, she flicked a few stray dog hairs off her pajamas.  It was time to start her day.  She would see him again tonight.  Back at the bridge, that is.  Rainbow bridge.

rainbow bridge picture

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