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Published on Sunday, February 10, 2013 by

Day 11 of the WWFC blog writing challenge brings us the subject, “Road Trip.”

Road Trip.  My two favorite weekend words.  Because Road Trip means Beach House.  And if it doesn’t, it means “Outdoor Adventure.”

I cannot sit in my house for two days.  By 1:00 on Saturday, I am wandering the rooms of my house like a caged animal.

And so begins… a road trip.

My poor car.  It is slowly dying, yet it carries us every weekend to all kinds of far off places.  This weekend’s adventure brought us the following fun:

funny redneck sign

We always take the Redneck Entrance. Enterance.  Yea, that.

dead buck

We came across a young dead buck early on. There was no obvious sign of death. Very, very sad.

fresh beaver cut

A freshly fallen beaver tree. Last week it was still up.

Beauty every where you turn.

Beauty every where you turn.

fox skull

Beauty every where you turn?

old deserted house

An old preacher’s house, sadly filled with anti-religious graffiti.

shoe in woods

The Preacher’s Shoe

house in woods

The door is always open…

black panthers graffiti

I don’t think this means, “The Black Kitties.”

Have a seat.

Take a seat.

redskins newspaper clipping

… of course!

Gingers exploring.

Gingers exploring.  Thank heavens for our road trips!

mom blog

  • I love these photos, Katherine. In this case, a photograph really does say more than a thousand words. I especially like the shoe in the leaves, and the door that’s always open.

  • Love the Redneck Enterance sign. This road trip turned up a lot of interesting things. Thanks for sharing them.

  • You told a great story with these photos. Glad that you weren’t shot as trespassers!

  • Cadeaux

    Yeah, I’m thinking living to talk about it later was the best part of the trip.

  • Mel

    Ohhh…..I have road-trip envy.

    I WANT ONE!!!

  • Now I really want to go somewhere! Great pics. Where’s there’s beauty, sometimes there is sadness, too.

  • Ron

    Wow…I have to tell you that I REALLY enjoyed taking this road trip with you, Katherine! Great photos!!!!!

    Love the house, for some reason. It kinda looks like something out of a scary movie.

    And this….

    “Enterance. Yea, that.”

    HAHAHAHAHHA! Cracked me up!!!


  • What a marvelous way to spend a day with gorgeous redheads!

  • I love that you find adventures by taking road trips. I think old deserted houses are fascinating. You have to wonder about the lives of the people that once lived their. What a shame that there is a meanness to people to deface even an old empty house.

  • Hey Katherine! Man, that is one spooky, creepy house! And you went IN?! Hats off to you, Red! Indigo x

  • That definitely looks like a place I’d love to roam and explore for photo opportunities. Well done!

  • I’ve shot a house or two that looks a lot like this. I find them fascinating from the outside but I’ve never dared venture in. You gingers are such brave souls.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I love the old preacher’s house. But how did you know it was an old preacher’s house? And did you go inside and find anything interesting?

  • What intriguing photos. Each could be a story all its own.

  • KZ

    Those are some fascinating pictures. I’m glad you decided to visit that house in the daytime, because that’s the kind of setting where horror movies take place when it’s dark outside.

  • This is so great even though I’d be really creeped out to set foot in that house.

  • Most excellent! I love that last photo!

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