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Shoot Me NowReview: Mino Flip Video (Hear the Angels Sing)

Review: Mino Flip Video (Hear the Angels Sing)
Published on Friday, March 27, 2009 by

mino flip reviewLast year my middle son asked for a camcorder for Christmas.  Knowing I could not afford the “typical camcorder,” I began to research other options.  All he wanted it for was to take videos with his friends and upload them to Youtube and Myspace.

The answer was even better than I thought, and is now on the top of my own wish list.  What did I get?  A Mino Flip Video.  (Hear the angels sing as you read those words!) 

The cost was about $160 plus shipping.  As you can see from the picture, it is small.  No, I would say tiny.  Smaller than my cell phone, and fits right in my pocket.  I mean his pocket. Sighhh… I mean MY pocket. 

Ready to film?  Just push the button and shoot. There is a zoom and a display screen so you can see exactly what you are filming. You can watch the video you just took and delete it on the fly if you so choose. 

Ready to upload?  Push a button and out pops your usb connection.  Plug it in and immediately see your videos. You can create little movies with pre-loaded themes and music, or create your own.  

Click a button and it will compress your video and help you upload.  (Again, hear the angels sing!)  Literally, from camera to pc to upload?  About 5 minutes. 

I joined Vimeo and uploaded a mix of three clips, taken tonight at the Virginia Marine Science Museum.  On my computer the videos are incredibly clean.  They lose some quality if you prepare them for upload, but retain the quality if you are working with them from your own pc.  It’s up to you! 

First, the biggest puffer fish I’ve ever seen. Next, a shark – Dun Dun Dun Dun!  Finally, the rays.  My daughter LOVES petting the rays.  What you are seeing is two rays fighting over a giant clam.  Yes, rays eat clams – who knew!  The occasional rippling was caused by a very friendly ray swimming to the surface with a big ray-style hello. 

The Mino is fabulous for kids, or for trips that you prefer to make without extra baggage.  I wouldn’t use this for a once in a lifetime event, but for small things, it is a lot of fun.  After a bit of saving, I am going to purchase a Mino for myself.  You charge it from your computer, no power cords, no usb cables… simply pop a button and plug her in!  COOL!

Sea Life at the Virginia Marine Science Museum from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

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