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Exploding Head Reverse Haiku
Published on Friday, February 28, 2014 by

IS IT REALLY THE FINAL DAY OF THE WWFC WRITING CHALLENGE?  MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!  And speaking of, today’s subject is, “And Then My Head Exploded!”

“And Then My Head Exploded” Part 1

Reverse Haiku:

I turned on the radio.

Justin Bieber played.

And then my head exploded.

*You may substitute Justin Bieber for Nicki Minaj, Sheryl Crow, or Bob Dylan.  It’s all the same to me.

“And Then My Head Exploded” Part 2

Standard Haiku:

I just remembered

Photo challenge due on “Red”

My Head Exploded!

Sure enough, I forgot about P.J.’s photo challenge this month!  February’s subject was RED.  I frantically raced around the house last night taking pictures of red things.  Then I crossed my fingers and prayed I had taken pictures this month that included the color red.  So here you go… last minute, but I made it!

1.  Abbie, my new rescue lemon walker hound, is the white one on the left.  Moon, my rescue cattle dog mix is just behind her.  The red?  Look at our dog leash on the fence!  I recently learned Abbie was found IN THE WOODS with her sister, starved and heartworm positive.  Now I especially understand why she is so timid and nervous.  Her story is here.

lemon walker hound
2.  Speaking of our red dog leash, here it is!

red dog leash

3.  Rooster sauce.  My oldest can’t live without it.

rooster sauce

4.  Bacon.  My daughter can’t live without it.

bacon closeup

5.  Finally, a close-up of my snowman snow globe.  My daughter gave it to me for my snow man collection.  I love it so much I didn’t pack it after Christmas.  Rather, it stays on my dresser, only to be turned on when I need an extra boost.

red glitter snow globe

mom blog

  • I love that snow globe and may not pack it away, if it were mine, either.

  • Lisa

    This is a great last-minute collection of finds. Very resourceful! Love the bacon idea! 🙂

  • Wow, you got two birds with one stone, or rather two challenges with one post. I love rooster sauce too…and bacon.

  • Ron

    Katherine, as Babs shared, I LOVE that RED snow globe! And I also love that red dog leash – it actually looks like it would make a cool bracelet or necklace as well!

    Great post, combining both the Haiku’s AND the photo challenge!

    CONGRATULATIONS for completing this writing challenge. You did a faaaaaabulous job!

    *two thumbs up*

    Have a super weekend!

  • You are so damn poetic you amaze me! I love the snow globe and the red leash and all the photos and your marvelous posts done when you were sick as a dog! Wonderful stuff, Katherine!

  • Cadeaux

    I didn’t know there was a photo contest going on. I love Sriracha, too. Do you know they stopped making it as there is a big “legal” thing going on – they had to close the plant down for at least 60 days.

  • mmmmmmm. bacon.

    Also – Kudos and congrats on completing the writing challenge! I loved every single one of your entries. You did an amazing job! I had a blast following your adventures! XOXOXOX

  • ReformingGeek

    Ah, shiny thing. Cat is pawing at the screen. I love the photo of your dogs! They look like they’re having fun.


  • You are going straight to hell, young lady. Bob Dylan? C’mon! Nice pics by the way.

  • Ha!I had to laugh at the bacon shot. You can always find a place for bacon. love the haiku’s 🙂

  • Great way to end this damn fool thing!

  • I will leave Bieber in the first haiku. I am sure he has caused multiple heads to explode.

    I loved reading all your posts for the writing challenge. Awesome job.

  • Well done coming up with the photos for Red. 🙂 As for the poetry? Anything with Bieber is bound to make my brain explode.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    You should be shot for equating Bob Dylan with Justin Bieber. But I do like that photo of the leash, which I almost spelled “lease.” That would’ve been funny, I suppose.

  • What on earth is Rooster Sauce??? 🙂

  • I never thought I’d see the day when Bieber and Minaj were lumped in the same category as Crow and Dylan. I think my head just exploded! 😉

  • That first haiku would have been better if it had been Justin Bieber’s head that exploded. I think we all would have been happier with that outcome.

  • GeoKs

    Fun write-up and photos. The bacon in New Zealand has been truly excellent!! We are going to have to look for a new source of bacon when we’re back in Canada. The pre-cooked, heat in the micorwave stuff from Costco just won’t cut it any more!

  • Paul Myers

    Mmmmmm bacon. The candy of carnivores.

  • MalisaHargrove

    I have so enjoyed your writings in 30-2. I’m glad that I have converted you to peanuts in cokes. You will always think of me when you drink those…if you ever drink another one. And speaking of food, I love me some bacon and sriracha sauce. Good choices for your red pics.

  • jo W

    you absolutely nailed the challenge even though you did it last minute … your dogs are beautiful … I am so glad you choose rescue dogs (mine is also a rescue) and rooster sauce … cant live without it!!! (or bacon) lol!

  • The picture of the dog leash is really cool. I like the detail!

  • KZ

    Those are great pictures. That Sriracha shot really speaks to me for some reason. I guess I just love the stuff too much.

  • Mike Davis

    “All dog litter (feces)…” just in case we were unclear. 🙂

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