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Returning to 8 Seaview Avenue
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When I was in third grade we were stationed in Newport, Rhode Island for a year while my father attended the war college.  It was the first year I was able to really explore.  At that age I was able to stretch my wings just a bit and fly.

Because of this freedom I have more memories of adventures than anywhere else we lived.  This is why returning to 8 Seaview Avenue has always been my lifelong dream.

On May 31 that dream came true.

My niece graduated from Brown that weekend, which just so happens to be about 40 minutes from our old house.  Months before I told my Mom I desperately wanted to go to her graduation and then stay an extra day to see this magical place.  She immediately agreed.

As we approached the neighborhood, everything looked unfamiliar.  Until we reached Easton’s beach. Then the memories flooded back.  This house was located just steps away from the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island.  It was PARADISE, and it was before tourists.

We would literally walk from the house to the Cliff Walk to First Beach and swim.

My heart swelled when we got out of the car and I stood where my little third grade feet stood so many years ago.  I was there.  I was ACTUALLY THERE.


The house now belongs to the owners of The Cliffside Inn.  You have GOT to look at that link.  Our house has been converted in to the dog friendly “Seaview Cottage.”  The garage that was on the right is now a room.  The kitchen was taken out and doors were put on the left side, making the split level less of a “split level.”

When we got there we met Bill, owner of all the property.  We told him our story and asked if we could park and walk the same steps we used to walk as children.  He agreed, asking that we move the car in time for his guests to park in a few hours.  Bill is a gracious and generous man!

This is my window.  Today you have to pay about $500 a night to stay in this room… a room that HAS A MONSTER UNDER THE BED.  I hope Bill’s guests know that they have to JUMP VERY FAR off the bed so the wolf monster can’t grab their feet when they leave the room.  Perhaps I should have told the owners.

cliffside inn

I wish I had a picture of me and my brother in front of the house as children.  But I have this now and will treasure it always.  Leave it to my brother to give me rabbit ears!

returning home

My brother wrote a note to himself before we moved and buried it on the front, right side of the house.  We peaked behind some wood that was stacked there but felt uncomfortable digging on property that wasn’t ours.  So if the note is still there, it will remain there forever.
8 Seaview Avenue House

Yes, I we gave my mother rabbit ears.  Nothing ever changes.  The only thing missing is my father and our dalmatian, Fritzie.

Cottage House

This is the back yard of the house next door.  Ebony the dog lived there.  We once had an ice storm that covered feet of snow with over an inch of ice.  My friends and I thought it would be a good idea to sled down this hill on top of the ice.  We didn’t know anything about speed vs weight vs ice.  After the fastest ride of our lives we slammed in to the fence at the bottom and literally had the wind knocked out of us.  I am pretty sure we all had mild concussions as well.

seaview avenue

Just a few houses away is the cliff walk. We went on it all the time as if it was no big deal.  You could walk the entire thing and hardly see another soul.

8 Seaview Avenue

This was our daily view.  CAN YOU IMAGINE!?

Cliff Walk View

My mother said there weren’t any fences to keep people safe.  Today there are fences with love locks and all!
locks on cliff walk

I can’t tell you how strange it was to walk under something as beautiful as this and not quite remember it.  Yet I know I must have held my father’s hand many times as I passed under this gorgeous arch.
cliff walk archway

I climbed down Rhode Island’s 40 Steps, although the ones today are not the originals.  I don’t remember this cave, but it MUST have been there when I was a child!

Cave at 40 Steps

This is just a small bit of gorgeousness that you will see as you wander the Cliff Walk.

cliff walk

You pass several mansions while walking alongside the ocean.  These were only SUMMER HOMES!

mansion on cliffwalk

Here it is.  FIRST BEACH, also known as Easton’s Beach.  There was always red seaweed in the water.  Sure enough, it is still there.  We also went clamming on this beach.  I grabbed a clam shell and brought it home, writing “First Beach, Newport Rhode Island.  May 2016.  Returning Home” on it.

first beach newport

There were so many crabs in the water that I always seemed to have bloody toes.  Those suckers would grab my feet and HOLD ON.  It was traumatic!  I began wearing shoes in the water.  Here is my adult tribute to those blood thirsty beasts!

crabs at first beach

We went to Saint Mary’s every Sunday.  It is the church that the Kennedy’s got married in.  I remember their name plate on one of the pews.  We were so sad the church was locked up  when we visited.

RI St. Mary's

One of the priests, Father Moriarty,  would stand on the steps after Mass and exclaim, “What a glorious day!” on even the most rainy and windy days.  I am sure my father held this handle many times as we entered the church.  Coincidentally it looks like an “S” for my family name Schulze.

St. Mary's Newport

This was apparently my school!  I remember it being so much bigger.  At the time it was called NCCRS for Newport County Catholic Regional School.


I can’t begin to tell you how fulfilling it was to have a real life dream come true.  This month I learned you CAN go home.  It might be different, it might be bittersweet and it might be crowded.  But you are still a part of its history and that can never be taken away!

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